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    I’m aware that as WP is free, themes for official directory are most likely reviewed by volunteers. But I find the fact that one should wait for months to get the answer extremely embarrassing. My previous theme was reviewed in about month and a half, now I’m waiting 3 weeks, without a single remark on my new theme. You are short of reviewers? Well, I’m up to help you in this. Or are themes reviewed only by a special group of very busy people?
    Please clear this situation to me.
    Thank you.

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  • Or are themes reviewed only by a special group of very busy people?

    It’s that one. Same number of people as last time. But no, you should not be waiting months.

    Is this your theme:

    I’d log in and comment. But also it’s been just 9 days less than a month since it hit trac. When you upload a new version, it resets the clock basically.

    Yes, I was talking exactly about that theme you linked. And, well, if you comment on it, I’ll be very grateful 🙂



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    The last theme I submitted (in December) took a little over 3 weeks to be reviewed.

    No no, YOU comment. I have zero sway over the themes or … Anything else really 🙂 I’m just a volunteer forum mod. Login with the same ID/password you use here.

    Hm, don’t really get a point of commenting, as it doesn’t move theme up, or something. Nevertheless, I’ll try it out anyway, thanks.
    And as I got it, one actually can enter the theme reviewers team – . The thing I miss, though, is how on earth do I claim a theme for review.

    Well… It SHOULD trigger alerts. Me commenting doesn’t do anything either, really 😉 You could also email the theme review list and poke ’em, but honestly if it’s been 3 weeks (Dec 12th is … 4 weeks minus 2 days) and a seasoned vet like esmi had to wait 3 weeks, they’re just slow.

    I can’t sort out why you think it’s been months, though.

    As I said, my theme “Clear&Simple” was reviewed in more than a month, and now I see it can occur the same. It’s not that urgent, I’m just building a portfolio, and was willing to include links on official directory, to prove that it’s canonical.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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