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  1. Emphacy
    Posted 3 years ago #

    After submitting my theme for review a few unexpected issues have arisen.
    The following issues are marked under REQUIRED but only appear under RECOMMENDED in the Theme Check.

    Themes are required to use theme-slug (or a reasonable facsimile) as textdomain for translation. Text domain problems in functions.php. You have not included a text domain. See: functions.php, options.php

    Theme may optionally incorporate translation/internationalization; however, if incorporated, translation/internationalization must support WordPress? core functionality. You should induce a language file in the languages folder.

    Indeed I have not included a text domain or languages folder; the theme isn't marked as translatable - Why is this required?
    Nowhere have I used the function __() for translation purposes so what exactly constitutes to 'text domain problems'?

    This leaves me very confused. Is it mandatory to included a text domain and internationalize a theme?
    If I'm not including a language file what is the purpose of these text domains?

    Thanks for the info. Tom.

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