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    I have my blog set to static front page.

    I left the “Front Page” portion with “-Select-“. The “Posts page” page supposedly links to my posts. But whenever I go to that page, I see the same exact content as my main page. This makes no sense with the flow design I’m trying achieve.

    Andy Ibanez

    If you check the “main” and “Blog & Tutorials” pages, you will see they are essentially the same thing. I expected to see my blog posts in Blog & Tutorials since I explicitly asked the theme to treat that page as such. What could I be doing wrong?

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  • It looks like I misunderstood something about the template.

    I didn’t know that nifty “home page” was supposed to show the blogs. I preferred to show blog posts in a more traditional UI but it looks like it isn’t possible. I confirmed this with your link, so thank you for that.

    Unfortunately, I will have to look for a workaround to get this work. Thanks a lot for your help regardless!

    … No idea what I did, but it works exactly as I want it to work now. Hahaha.

    It’s possible and not sure if workaround is needed 🙂

    The link above will explain how easily you can switch your layouts to show “traditional” blog posts and the feature itself is actually WordPress settings, so you can change your home page with any Theme not just Responsive. as live example and more guides just in case 🙂


    P.S. This is of course if I understood your question correctly.

    Very nice, I am extremely glad you did it! If you need anything else, have more questions or just want to say hello, please see it’s dedicated and free to.

    If this is it for now, do you mind clicking on resolved?

    Thanks for using Responsive!


    Sure thing. Thanks a lot Emil!
    And good job giving support for such a wonderful theme. I appreciate it a lot.

    You’re very welcome, all this is easy when one just loves WordPress and helping folks around 🙂


    Hi Emil,
    I can’t find an answer to this anywhere, even on ThemeID:

    I love Responsive, but for the project I’m working on right now, I don’t need the landing page. I want to set a static front page as a homepage (that works fine with the usual Settings>Reading in the WordPress dashboard, but I want to link from the menu to the blog. To do that, I created a blog post with no content, using the Blog(full posts) template. Then I set that page as the static Posts page in Settings>Reading. In other themes, clicking the link to the empty blog post redirects to the blog. In Responsive it goes to the landing page. Is there any way I can fix this, other than setting the static Posts page to an actual post? That will work, but it will only display one post. Thanks.



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    @fauxlimey – please post on Emil’s forums or if you are unable to do that, create a new thread here – this thread is already marked resolved so it’s not a good place to get help.

    Thanks. Will do. I think the ThemeID forum is broken at the moment.



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    They’ve been having some issues, so could be. But Emil does check in here too, so with a new thread, he’ll see it!

    maybe a server glitch, looks good now 🙂

    Hello Everyone,
    I am currently using the responsive theme and I am wondering, how can I keep this cool front-page as my home page?. Is it possible to change my posts to a blog page other than my front page?

    I really want to keep my front page

    check it out to see what i mean

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