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[Theme: Responsive] Inserting image on front page

  • There have been a lot of posts about this and I’ve read them to no avail so I’m afraid I have to go again…

    I have followed the instructions here http://themeid.com/forum/topic/510/theme-options-featured-content/

    I uploaded logo.jpg to my media. I copied and pasted the code from the instructions and substituted “logo.jpg” for “featured-image.png”… but I still have a blank space 🙁

    Wish I could just insert an image the way I do when I add one to posts…

    But I know I’ll only have to do this once so hope you can help!


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  • If the image you uploaded and want to use is called: logo.jpg, but the code you have used references: featured-image.png then you need to reference your image, so from the link you pasted:

    <img class=”aligncenter” src=”http://themeid.com/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/featured-image.png” width=”440″ height=”300″ alt=”” />

    would be:

    <img class=”aligncenter” src=”http://themeid.com/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/logo.jpg” alt=”” />

    Obviously the src=”http://themeid.com/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/logo.jpg” needs to reference your sites url in it.


    The first bit you say is what I did already, exactly.

    The second bit was not obvious to me (obviously 😉 so thanks!

    …I tried this:

    <img class=”aligncenter” src=”http://www.cmcsolicitor.ie/wordpress/logo.jpg” width=”440″ height=”300″ alt=”” />

    …but still no joy…

    Oh wow I got it!

    So, this post should really be called “How to get your image’s URL [for dummies]”

    I created a new post, and went to insert image, selected my logo, and then the pop up box in which you select the image alignment etc generates the URL for that particular image, which I then inserted into the space.

    Phew! Done.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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