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    Hi guys,

    I am using or lets say I am in the middle of creating a homepage with the raindrops theme.

    It looks like the Menu-will be 3 layers deep.
    So far the first (main-menu) is on top and the sub-menu opens on the left side.

    When i create a 3rd menu (sub-sub-menu) i have a problem.
    When i click on one of the SUB-Menu options all the other SUB-Menu points disapear and i only see all the SUB-SUB-menu options of the SUB-Menu point i am in.

    What i want is that when i am at a SUB-Menu point that it will also show me the SUB-SUB-Menu points (all the ones of this Sub-menu point) AND still all the other availiable SUB-Menu points.

    Okay let me explain with an example to make it more ‘graphic’.

    If my menu would be:
    ———+ —– chocolate cake
    ———+ —– strawberry
    ———+ —– green cake
    and so on…..

    I click on COOKING and i see ‘cakes’ and ‘cookies’.
    Once i click on ‘cakes’
    i would only see: ‘chocolate cake’, ‘strawberry’ and ‘green cake’, but ‘cookies’ i would not see!
    I want that if i am in the main-menu “cooking” and i click on ‘cakes’ that i see ‘cookies’ AND that i also see ‘chocolate cake’, ‘strawbery’ and ‘green cake’.

    I hope my explanation is not to confusing and someone can help me fix this. Appreciate every input and please ask if something is unclear.


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  • I see now that if you click here
    on “Preview” the theme does exactly what i would like it to do.

    it shows the submenu “categories” and there its parent and children as it is called there.


    Parent (1)
    First Child Category (1)

    Now how do I tell it to show me parents and children???

    Okay so now i am half way there.

    I am using under widgets the “SubPages Display” to show the menu.
    If i set the depth there to 2 it shows me the sub-menu points and all their sub-menus.
    Only now it shows everything always and i would like if possible that i see all sub-menu points and on clicking on one of them i can see its children….

    Theme Author nobita


    Hi MrSlartibartfast

    Thank you for using Raindrops theme

    What version of Raindrops ?

    ver 0.957 fixed this ploblem

    Fixed IE8 menu display inproperly.
    Not show level3 when level2 hover
    #access ul ul :active >a
    Comment out filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient

    Although it was with thinking that the bug was corrected, if it has generated in the newest version, you have to investigate once again.
    If you please, please let me know the version of Raindrops.

    Thank you

    Hi Nobita,

    I use version 0.930 of the raindrops theme.

    It was installed already some time ago and started to work with it, now i continued and didn’t want to update because i made some changes.
    I made a child-theme now and will try to update it and see if it helps.

    Thanks for your answer!

    Hi Nobita,

    I have updated now and one problem is gone: The main menu is displayed properly now!


    • 1. With the sub-menu on the left side i still have problems. but may be this has not to do with the raindrops theme.
      When I click on one menu point (left sidebar menu) it disappears from the list. Only when i click on another menu point (left sidebar menu) the other i can see the first one again.
    • 2. I don’t understand how to take away the “recent post” on the right side? Is there this option?

    Here a picture of the homepage so you can see what i mean:

    thanks for your support!!

    Theme Author nobita


    Hi MrSlartibartfast

    1. When I click on one menu point (left sidebar menu) it disappears from the list.

    Sorry, In my environment, the state is unreproducible.

    If you need Raindrops header embeded style rules.

    Please open option panel and select the color type.

    and Select value Raindrops(or Child theme name) where select box and submit

    It will apear textarea and show current embeded styles.

    You can edit style rule. but don’t foget backup.

    2. I don’t understand how to take away the “recent post” on the right side? Is there this option?

    In your screen shot.

    In Raindrops, it is calling by the name to which the left sidebar is said as a Default Side bar, and the right side bar is said as an Extra Side bar.

    If you want a show or hide right sidebar(extra sidebar) then

    1. Please open the Raindrops option panel(or child theme name option panel).
    2. Select the Extra Sidebar and set value hide and submit.
    3. It will be disapear right sidebar(extra sidebar).

    I am sorry to be poor at English.

    Thank you.

    Hi Nobita

    Thanks again for the support!

    To 1.
    i solved my problem, it was NOT a problem of the raindrops theme but of my Sub-menu. I use now a plugin (called ‘advanced-sidebar-menu’) to show the sidebar submenu and it works just fine.

    To 2.
    Thanks for the explanation. I don’t know why I did not see this. It is really easy to take away the right-sidebar.

    Your english is good to understand.

    have a nice day

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