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    Hi zlamczyk

    Please open raindrops/header.php

    from line 62

    this block contain the site-title.

    <div id="hd" style="<?php echo raindrops_upload_image_parser($header_image_uri,'inline','#hd'); ?>">

    to line 145

    this block is the header image

    <div id="header-image" style="background-image:url(<?php echo $raindrops_header_image; ?>);height:<?php echo HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT;?>px;color:#<?php echo HEADER_TEXTCOLOR;?>;"><p <?php echo $style;?>><?php bloginfo( 'description' ); ?></p></div>

    Please remove line 45 – line145

    I am sorry to be poor at English.

    Thank you

    nobita, thank you for your fast response! Your instruction accomplished exactly what I wanted!

    And I understood your english just fine!

    Hi and thx nobita!

    This solution helped me to solve my problem also.
    I wanted to just remove the site title and leave the header image.

    For this i found out through your post, you need to remove line 62 until line 133 in the header.php


    I tried to use Nobita’s instructions above, but got a bad error message.

    I want to keep the large banner, but remove the site name at the top (as well as the background image behind the site name)

    If I could get the first line and last line that needs to be deleted, that would be appreciated.

    OK, I got the header to disappear ok.

    Note that you will need to add a “HOME” link to all the pages you add to the site or there will be no way to get to the home page after going to a “non-home” page.

    If I want to replace the site title with a image, where do i place the url then? echo raindrops_site_title(); or what? I have the raindrops theme. I have alredy google the problem a miljon times a least. Sorry for my shitty english.


    Maybe you already found the solution how to place a home link after removing the site title, but if not – it works like that:

    go into header.php

    and go to where it says:
    * header image

    there place a link around this part:
    <div id="header-image" style="background-image:url(<?php echo $raindrops_header_image; ?>);height:<?php echo HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT;?>px;color:#<?php echo HEADER_TEXTCOLOR;?>;"><p <?php echo $style;?>></p></div>

    and the whole top image will be getting you to wherever you send the link to (preferably a home link so to your wp-index.php).



    This was very helpful to me as well for my raindrops themed site! However, I ran into the problem where the tagline still showed overtop of my header image. I changed the line

    <div id=”header-image” style=”background-image:url(<?php echo $raindrops_header_image; ?>);height:<?php echo HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT;?>px;color:#<?php echo HEADER_TEXTCOLOR;?>;”><p <?php echo $style;?>><?php /*bloginfo( ‘description’ );*/ ?>

    So that the tagline is removed by commenting out the bloginfo part, but when I do that, there is whitespace added to the top of my site. I noticed the same thing happens when I go through the dashboard and in “settings” remove any text that is in “tagline”. It all of a sudden adds white space to the top of my site. I also appear to have white space on the bottom. Any ideas on how to get rid of that?



    Oh, and here is the site I’m referring to. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see the footer whitespace I’m referring to.

    Thanks for any tips you can offer!

    Hi moellerja,
    Did you solve your problem?
    I looked at the page now and didn’t understand what white space at the bottom you are reffering to.
    And on top: Do you want the header image to be right under the ‘grey outline’ (the grey space around the homepage)?

    Thanks for the follow-up MrSlartibartfast, but I just decided to change my theme to something else (TwentyTen) and I was able to make the changes I wanted very easily without any errors. I think I like this one better anyways for the general layout of the site. Thanks!

    hey folks, I am trying to remove a few things as well, but my files do not seem to be the same. For instance, my header.php file ends at line 104 and someone said delete line 62-133. I am using the latest raindrops download.

    I have a header background that is showing up behind my header image. I want to get rid of the title and in the upper right where you can kinda see ‘just another wordpress site’.

    I would also like to get rid of blogroll. I have searched around for both of these, and tried some of the tricks, but to no avail.

    I like the theme, but I might need to try something else.

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