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  • I take it you’re talking about pages as opposed to posts here…

    If so, you probably need to change the font size property for h2 and h3 entry headings. Something like:

    div.entry h2, div.entry h3 {
      font-size: /* your font size here */;

    I’m not actually sure you need h3 as well as h2, TBH.

    If you don’t have full control over your theme’s code and if you haven’t done so already, you should really be making any changes to your theme using a Child Theme since this is the only recommended way of doing it.



    Thank you. I will create a child theme and go from there. What happens when there is an update available for your theme? Is the child theme updated as well?

    No. That’s the point. Only the parent theme is updated, so your child theme is not overwritten. However, any changes in your parent theme that have not been overwritten in the child, will become effective.

    So, say for example that an update makes a change to a template file that you have not altered (by creating a child theme version located in your child theme’s directory). Those changes are automatically implemented, because WP uses the parent theme’s template files when the child does not provide an overwritten version.

    Similarly, all changes to functions in functions.php will be implemented for all functions not overridden in your child’s functions.php file (if it has one).

    So you get the best of both worlds.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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