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    First: Thanks for this great theme again 🙂 Its really working well.

    Now I want to make it more customized.
    I would like to change the appearance of the startpage/frontpage (the first page you get to when you come to the homepage).
    There the left side is empty and I would like to put a widget or something like it…

    I started to create a template for the startpage and ran into a question:
    How can I change the width of the left sidebar only for the startpage?
    I would like it to be wider – about 300px (left sidebar) and the page whatever is left.

    Link to the current homepage: Odyssee

    have a nice day

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  • Theme Author nobita


    Hi MrSlartibartfast

    I would like it to be wider – about 300px (left sidebar)

    You need 300px width sidebar, only startpage.
    Another post or pages are Raindrops settings sidebar width.

    May I understand in this way?

    It needs customize header.php

    header.php line:48

    <body <?php body_class(); ?>>
    <div id="<?php echo raindrops_warehouse('raindrops_page_width'); ?>" class="<?php echo 'yui-'.raindrops_warehouse('raindrops_col_width'); ?> hfeed">

    above code change below.

    <body <?php body_class(); ?>>
    $raindrops_column_width = raindrops_warehouse('raindrops_col_width');
    if( is_home() ){
    	$raindrops_column_width = 't3';
    <div id="<?php echo raindrops_warehouse('raindrops_page_width'); ?>" class="<?php echo 'yui-'.$raindrops_column_width; ?> hfeed">

    I am sorry to be poor at English.

    Thank you.

    Hi nobita,

    Yes that is what I wanted! Thank you very much.

    I changed it with the code that you posted and it works.
    There is only one problem: the page is now pushed out at the right side.
    See here (image): raindrops_sidebar-with-change.png

    I have also just updated from raindrops version 0-957 to version 0-989.
    I still use the header.php from version 0-957, because i made some changes there.

    After the update the date at posts is not displayed anymore. Do you know why?
    it is written now like this:

    Posted on F j, Y H:i by admin

    You can see it on the startpage: Odyssee homepage
    I have looked for some time now, but did not find out where to set the date output for posts!

    Sorry for so many questions and thanks a lot for your support!

    Theme Author nobita


    Please add below style rules for overflow container

    style.css last line.

    .home #doc2 #container{

    date issue.

    Are you add ‘noreferrer’ attribute value ?

    How to change raindrops_posted_on() ?

    Thank you for the overflow CSS-rule.
    This solved the problem! Looks good now.

    date issue
    I did NOT add ‘noreferrer’.

    Hm, I don’t know excactly where the place is to change something about it.
    I will look about the raindrops_posted_on().

    Hi if i want the sidebar to be 250px insted of 300px how do i change that?
    Love the theme

    Moderator Andrew Nevins



    If you’re not helping the original poster, you should create your own thread. This will also increase the likelihood of receiving help.

    okey thanks man

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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