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Theme purchased

  • When I first signed up for wordpress I chose a template that said I would be charged $59 for the template “PerfectBiz” It looked like something I could adapt to my needs. I tried to work with it for 5 hours or so, then left for the day, checked in the next day , saw that there were what appeared to be two downloaded themes that were identical, so I chose to eliminate one and both dissappeared.

    First question: why are there two listings that are identical when you bring up your account?

    Second question: How do I get my paid for theme back? I can’t find it anywhere

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  • Did you do this on a localhost or real web server and did you activate your theme? I am new to WP myself, I get two themes with every new set up
    I also got a bunch of free and paid for themes when I did the free sign up stuff but generally you will have to activate/save a theme to get to it later under your dashboard.

    WordPress.org doesn’t charge you anything. If you’re using Self Hosted WP (i.e. you installed it yourself on your own server) you have to go back to whomever you got the theme from.

    First question: why are there two listings that are identical when you bring up your account?

    Listings where?

    Well in truth I don’t know where the theme came from , it was the group of themes that appeared at the top of the page when I was doing the install ( obviously an ad, now that I know more) It said that I would be charged through my hosting account. It doesn’t show up anymore on my Install WordPress page , because when I saw it there twice I tried to eliminate one install and they both disappeared, they are evidently linked? I did another install of just the twenty-eleven theme but it really isn’t broad spectrum enough for what I want to build and I am having difficulty even with this , trying to put in a navigation bar and related pages. I feel very technically challenged.

    Without knowing where the theme came from, unless you made backups of your server, we can’t help you. It’s a bit too ephemeral.

    That said, if you were charged through your host, could you ask them?

    (I’d avoid anything like that, mind you. Sounds a little scammy to me. http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/ has free AND commercial themes if you’re interested.)

    Glad you are improving, practice makes perfect. I am also new but I am crawling along. Good Luck.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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