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    A company had a website on a live server 2 years back. But now, we have only a backup from Cpanel. I put that website backup on xampp localhost. Now I am getting some serious errors with the theme folder when I put the active theme folder in themes>wp-content, the screen shows There has been a critical error on your website.
    Why is it happening?

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  • Why is it happening?

    Could be any of a million things. But we have no way of knowing 😀

    You need to provide a whole lot more information before we can offer any assistance.

    The good news is you know it’s a theme issue. But what exactly?

    Check your webserver’s logs. Turn on WordPress debugging as well. These should give you more insight into what the specific error is.

    1) Are you running the same version of WordPress that the backup was taken from, or did you restore/upgrade to the latest version of WordPress? Old themes may not play nice with new versions of WordPress.

    2) Are you running the site under the same version of PHP that the site was running on before the backup? Old themes may not play nice with the latest versions of PHP, especially PHP 8.x.

    3) Is this a custom theme or an off-the-shelf theme? If the latter, and if you’ve upgraded WordPress and/or you’re running from a new version of PHP… can you grab the latest version of the theme and test to see what happens?

    Standing by for feedback!

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    Thank You So Much! This method is working as now I can open my website on localhost.
    But there is some other issue. I can’t login to wp-admin, it shows Error: The username Nikita is not registered on this site. If you are unsure of your username, try your email address instead. I have also tried it with an email address but it shows the same error. I have checked in a Database, and there is an entry of this username. Still, I can’t login.
    Why this is happening?
    I’ll be grateful if you can help me out of this error.

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