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  1. perthmetro
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Theme previews, most are pretty much useless as they can't be configured to look like their demo... wouldn't it be cool to see this problem addressed. Maybe give the option for the theme uploaders to give the preview link a direct link to the demo website - not just the theme website.

  2. It's an old problem: the theme previews are generic and don't highlight theme special functions.

    Try the theme author's link on that theme page. Many of the authors do have their own preview link there too.

  3. perthmetro
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thanks Jan, yeah I know all that, I was just stirring the bee's nest and putting in my +1 in the hope it could be seen by someone who can fix it... as it is now the theme preview is really a waste of time and I'm sort of getting a little ticked off having to go to another website each time I want to see a demo only to be bombarded with their own propaganda. Years ago when all the themes were simple blogs it(the theme preview) may have been useful but these days, nup.

  4. https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/30

    We mark posts that have trac tickets as resolved for sanity. It lets mods and volunteers know we don't have to jump in and find an issue. You should follow the discussion on trac. You can click the 'Watch' button on the trac ticket (it's near the bottom) to get email alerts. If you need to log in, it's the same ID/password as you use for the forums.

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