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  • I posted this in Theme section weeks ago but got no helpful responses. I am using hostgator and added some themes and then some plugins. When I try to change themes and hit PREVIEW, it shows the CURRENT theme, not the theme I want to preview. I have to activate the them to see it. I deactivated all the plugins but got the same result.

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  • Have you tried previewing themes with all plugins deactivated?

    yes i did.

    Same issue. Any luck fixing it?

    in wp-admin/themes.php around line 206, I see the preview link starts with:
    $preview_link = esc_url(get_option('home') . '/');

    You could change that to get_option(‘siteurl’), the preview will then be correct and display the theme, but the content displayed will be 404 content.

    Hope this helps someone else fix the issue.

    You shouldn’t have to change code to get it to preview properly. I haven’t seen this in my other sites.

    I’m not sure why I didn’t follow-up, sorry. I think I logged out, cleared cookies and then it started working fine again for me, without needing to update any code.

    I’m just going to start over.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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