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  • I noticed that some of my themes doesn’t preview when I try to activate it. It doesn’t affect any blog functionality it just doesn’t preview. The new feature “theme preview” on wordpress 2.6 doesn’t work if your theme name on your theme folder has space on it. For example if your theme name is Cutline 1.0 it would not be seen on the preview, but if you change it to Cutline the preview should load. Peace!

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  • Well, you are not supposed to put the version number on the title. You should put it with version tag in the style.css file. Not sure whether it supports spaces though.



    Theme preview is working for themes with spaces in the title. You shouldn’t put spaces in the directory name (use an underscore instead).

    Well, I have been doing that for a long time until wordpress 2.6. I can’t do it anymore since it interferes with the preview. I have been putting the version on style.css but I put the version name on the folder as well so I don’t delete the new version I’m working on. 🙂

    I’ve had a theme named ‘’ and it too did not work. Removing .org from the name did the trick.

    Is it possible to Activate a theme that WON’T show up in WP 2.6.1 Preview?

    I ask because my custom theme was working fine (it’s called honest-tunes). I changed to another theme just to see how it would look. Now I can’t change back to my theme! Currently I’m using WordPress Classic theme until I can get my usual theme turned-on again.


    LOL! I was able to “Preview” and “Activate” the theme I wanted by using IE instead of Firefox.

    I had to look at the silly Browse Happy logo and everything.

    @Dgold & smark016 I encountered the same issue today and I’ve solved it by clearing the cookies on my browser. This implies to log in again in the administration panel. Once done, the theme preview works again. I should have written down the cookies before doing that, in order to check what bug might imply this.

    I was just messing around with plug-ins and trying to fix something when I noticed that if I changed the directory of my custom theme from “my theme” to “my_theme” it fixed the problem of the theme preview being blank.

    It wasn’t a major problem since the theme worked completely except for the theme preview.

    It should be added to the codex though, that theme folders should not have spaces in them.

    I am using WordPress 2.7.1 on one project, and I had the same problem. The theme directory was like “/example-theme-1.2/” and it didn’t show the preview. After renaming it to “/example_theme_1_2/”, everything worked fine. How come this error still occurs in WP 2.7.1?

    Hey Saphod, thanks for the underscore tip, this is an irritating bug which should be corrected.

    Thanks, but credits should go out to monodistortion for this. 🙂

    Just for reference– this bug should be fixed soon:

    (I just spent the last few hours tracking it down to find it was already solved in trac!)

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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