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    The Theme preview only shows a default view of dkret3.

    If you compare the preview with the themes thumbnail you may miss the bottombars UNDER the content. These bottombars are only shown if at least ONE widget is added to it.

    Furthermore you can choose from diffrent scheme files inside the themes admin panel to furthermore change the appearance:

    Show dkret3 without any sidebar, have two sidebars on left or right, etc. You can even choose to display one sidebar on top of your content.

    I already added all those css styles to the upcomming 2.3 version that prevent the theme preview from looking good (added some missing headings, style for tables etc.)

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  • Is there any way to keep the header graphic from repeating?


    The “schemes” files (style sheets) have the header set for 100% If the file you are using is not the right size in pixel width, it will repeat if to short, or clip if to long.

    We use the two column right option. The size to make your header is 960 pixels wide by 160 pixels tall. If you are trying to use another option, you can capture your screen (with the default bg_grass file) load it into Photoshop or another program, and find out the size the header should be. If you can not do that let me know I will do it for you in one of our test sites.

    We changed how tall the header is on our site. We did this with the great custom Schemes option in Dkret3. You need not create that if you are only trying to stop your header from repeating.

    I’m using WordPress MU version 2.6.5. When picking your Theme, dkret3, I get the following error.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_page_menu() in /home/share/www/www/wp-content/themes/dkret3/header.php on line 47

    Is this something I can fix? if so, what should I do?

    I have the same issue with WordPress MU Version 2.6.5 and dkret3.
    Have you found how to fix this issue ?

    Please always start a new thread for different support questions.

    wp_page_menu is a WP2.7 function (which is required for dkret3 2.7). The new wordpress mu (2.7) should support it.

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