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  • thats the problem, if i select another theme the preview keeps the actual theme.
    Q: i need to upgrade the themes too? if the answer is yes, how can i do that.

    thanks in advance.

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  • I have spent all morning trying to upload about seven different themes, all 2.7 compatible, and not a single one of them took AAACCCKKK!!!
    I wish I could go and downgrade back to an earlier version, but that is not an option. HELP

    I have also discovered since my last post, that most of the plug ins I added are not working, either. When I go to the plug in file, they are all sitting there. Ditto the themes in the theme file. But none of them are activated on the site.

    Any guesses anyone? Or is the problem simply with the 2.7 version?

    I have loaded ten themes since upgrading to 2.7 and not one of them can be previewed. Also, when I activate the theme, it does not render properly on my website. The file structure is correct, but none of the images appear on my site.

    While this is infinitely frustrating, I am glad that I am not alone with this issue.

    i try with the supported themes but i can’t preview those themes.

    any help?

    I just tested theme preview on my own site. Works fine. Perhaps your themes don’t have the correct permissions or something? Files should be 644, directories should be 755.

    Otto42, thanks for the answer, but im not use linux, my server is runing under w2k3 with apache server, its that a problem?
    and i upgrade from 2.6.x(the last release)

    Well then, check the Windows permissions, however they work.

    I don’t know what more to tell you. Maybe you put the files in the wrong place. But the short of it is that if your themes don’t preview, then something deeper than WordPress is at fault.

    ok, i check the permissions and copy again the files from de zip, and nothing =/

    im go to make a new fresh install from zero to check if the bug comes from the beggining or from the upgrade.

    well after install from zero wp2.7 the preview works fine, so its a upgrade problem, now i go to check the database to find any inconsistency


    Ok i find something
    in the Appearence of the new site the actual theme is shown, but in the upgraded site the theme is not showing

    new install:
    Multiflex-4 theme options

    upgraded install:

    now im go to check the code again =/

    the database are the same in both cases

    Well i find the problem, its the language file, i just changue the language(spanish) to the default in the config file and start to work fine, and now i try to update the language.



Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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