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  • anyone have an idea how to modifiy this template so that additional navigation links function like the default “About” and “Archive”?

    I cannot seem to get this straightened out. I know it has to do with the page templates, but there are only three that appear – DEFAULT, LINKS & ARCHIVES.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Did you check the themes web site? I think they address that there…

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    yosemite, if it does, i was not successful in locating it.

    i will continue to look.

    anybody currently using this theme and have a possible solution?


    Not sure why that was so hard to locate… it’s the second post… and yes, that’s the theme creator’s site…

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    lady, i do not understand your bitterness “Not sure why that was so hard to locate”. i really do not care for it and if you cannot be more helpful than your post, please do not comment.

    i did look a the website and i have made changes, but it still does not function exactly how i want it to nor as the site suggests. i can live with the way it is now, but maybe someone who understands this theme can offer a hand and maybe lead me in the right direction.

    okay, then next time i won’t bother to give you the link… i posted it to be helpful. not enough for you? too bad. you have no right to tell me when and where i can post a link to help you or anyone else for that matter.

    i have every right to wonder why it was so hard to locate, as you were given the suggestion to go there, and you stated you did go there but couldn’t find the information, yet it was right there… only leads one to believe that you did not go to the theme’s web site like you said you did, which is what brought up the question as to why it was so hard to find.

    that said – i’ll give you some more help, even though you probably won’t take it anyway, or you’ll say you did, but won’t. if it were me, in this situation, i would email the theme creator (as i’ve done in other similar situations with other themes before) and ask for assistance there. you appear to currently be seeking out a needle in a haystack so to speak, as opposed to going right to the head needle maker and asking for help there.

    honestly – take my suggestions and do whatever your heart desires with them. but don’t EVER assume you know what’s in my mind, or what my “tone” is again. or you’ll wind up drawing out exactly the negativity you pursue.

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    lady; do not bring out your anger on me. i did not ask for it and your “tone” is hate. PURE HATE!

    i pray that you will choose your words wisely because your posts and what you say in your posts carry a long way.

    alhough you think you are helpful – you are exactly the opposite – NOT.

    so, back to my original post.

    *Edited* Maybe from “The Solutions” or “The Problem” section, downwards on here, will help lead you in the right directions.. πŸ˜‰

    D.P. just curious, have you tried the “helpful tips” from the link she gave though.. I noticed even in the comments, on that page..that one asked if “more links” could be added and the “creator” replied with a “yes”, and “how to”.. ?

    If you have, how is it coming along? Or..not.. =/


    (Please keep the back n forth arguments down lol..I *know* it’s hard..but, please *try* lol.) Can’t we all just get along!? haha.. =P

    i did nothing wrong.
    however i will not let anyone accuse me of doing wrong and not respond.

    dp – you have no idea what hatred is, if you think that THIS is hatred. and if giving you a link to the theme’s site isn’t helpful, then i’m sorry. that’s NOT my problem, it’s yours. get over whatever it is you think you know about me, and take your personal opinions OUT of this forum. you have beef with me, email me. otherwise, move on.

    i did nothing wrong. however i will not let anyone accuse me of doing wrong and not respond.

    You knows what me thinks.. =P I just sent an email a few mins ago.. πŸ˜‰


    thanks for the email spencer… πŸ™‚ kind of you… πŸ™‚

    No problem.. =)


    Just an added note:
    Me has no “beef” with Lara, and never had any before, when me sent her the was on *good terms*..and nothing is wrong.. =) πŸ˜‰

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