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  • Hi

    I’m working on a site, and are using the Polaroids theme, and love it 🙂

    I would like to have the Pages show on the front page instead of the Posts, is this easy to do ??

    I know a little php, css, html, but not sure it’s enough and where to go, and where to make the tweeking 😉

    All the best
    Carsten, Denmark

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  • Are you talking about making a static home page?

    If you are take a look at this: Codex: Creating a Static Front Page

    Not exactly ..

    If you look at this link

    What you see on the homepage(index.php) is the posts, it’s like a blog, but shown as polaroids ..

    What i want to do, is to show the Pages in that way instead, so that when you click a “photo” it shows a Page, not a Post 🙂

    You can create a static front page, insert images with links to your pages, ie manually build the same style of page.

    I would also check into a plugin like Nextgen. It may be able to help you achieve what you want.

    The way it works here is great, when a Post is created, a new “polaroid” appears, and that’s what i want to do with Pages instead 🙂

    And why you ask ??

    Be course the sites needs to be able to run on itself like WP does, you write a post/page and pres publish – the ones who is going to use the site and update it, does not know anything about coding, and are not going to learn it .. and the sites need to work like this so they can ad Pages with the info they need to show to the users ..

    So the trick is very simple actually, i just need to figure out how to switch from Post to Pages, so the theme will work with Pages instead of Posts 🙂

    I can’t help you because you can’t publish a post and have the permalink link to a page. As far as I know WordPress can’t do that.

    Have you considered having your users put their content in a post? Just remove the ability to comment.

    In most themes you have a Page line/menu, where users can click on the desired page, and see it – that’s just what i would like to do – i want to cut off the Posts, and only use Pages ..

    Pages are easier to order than Posts too, it’s easier to control how they show up in th menu, with Posts, you have to set date and time, and there’s to much to the Post-thing, Pages are a lot simpler ..

    So the only thing i need to do, is tho get the theme to show the Pages like it now shows the Posts – like “polaroids 🙂

    I finally understand what you are trying to do but I still can’t help you. The basic design of WordPress is to loop through posts not pages, although with some fairly serious coding I think it could be made to loop through pages.

    The theme you are using is setting up the pages using thumbnails, which is a feature that allows you to post an image from a post (usually a feature image). The permalinks that they supply are from the post, and it uses the loop I previously mentioned.

    I still think the best way to achieve what you want is by setting up a static page. Some custom pro (try Themeforesr) themes will offer portfolio pages that may be able to do what you want.

    I know WordPress pretty well but what your trying to do is beyond my knowledge.

    Good luck to you.

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