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    Hello my friends! I have 2 weeks with no notifications for any update for wordpress (my current version 4.7.3), my theme (Evolve 3.7.0.) and also all the plugins!
    I can add posts and images with no problems…

    In control Panel:
    in wordpress whats new – news rss i recieve the message: WP HTTP Error: cURL error 28: connect() timed out!
    When i go to Add new plugin or theme or reinstall wordpress i recieve an unexpected error.
    So i think my site lost communication with the wordpress world.
    Any ideas on fixing this?

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  • my site is here:

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    Please check your php error log file and please send exact error when you try to add new plugin or theme or reinstall wordpress.

    Thank you

    Romik i can’t reinstall wordpress. In control panel i receive the message that everything is updated.

    When i go to add a plugin or theme i recieve:
    An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this servers configuration

    and if i try to upload a .zip file i recieve an install failed!

    How can i find the php error log file; Sorry for the question but i’m not very experienced with this!

    Turn off all security plugins, and temporarily rename any .htaccess or php.ini files in the directories…especially root directory. Make sure all directories have write access permissions! If you do all that, and still can’t install, write back…

    thanks for your reply. I’ll try it with someone more experienced than me and i’ll give the feedback soon.

    after one month… i’ve updated manually via ftp wordpress (4.7.5), theme (3.7.2) and all my plugins to the newest versions. I’ve tried deactivating all of them but still, not recieving updates of wordpress, themes and plugins. In wordpress dashboard updates i see everything up to date, even they are not. In wordpress news rss i receive a WP HTTP Error: cURL error 28: connect() timed out!
    When i go to add a plugin or theme i receive an unexpected error.
    Front end everything ok. The only problem the back end. My host (a school network) says w3 total cache, but i’ve uninstall it, deactivate, etc,etc… and the problem still here! I must mention that the problems started when they moved my site to a new server, when I’ve started to see problems (the first fixed by Romik:
    Any other suggestions please?

    Just had exact same problem which I have just resolved.
    Steps Taken:
    1) Disabled ALL plugins
    2) I renamed Theme folder Evolve-Plus to evolve-plus1
    3) re-installed Evolve-plus theme as new theme
    4) Reactivated ALL plugins
    5) Deleted Evolve-Plus1 folder

    It worked for me hope it helps

    thank u for answer. I hoped to work but nope! Same problems here…

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    next step…
    i’ve reinstalled wordpress with plugins deactivated and the same with evolve. Still no updates. i’m just a small step before i get crazy with this. ftp works fine, front end ok, just this problem in back end. WordPress dashboard shows that i have the final version of everything even i don’t and there are no buttons to reinstall wordpress. curl() errors in wordpress news rss and in seo news widget: {Temporarily unable to load feed.}

    to get to the PHP log file, either use the file manager on the host, or use FTP program, either way, navigate to, well, there is a file called error_log in your wordpress root directory (whatever is the root for your site, where the WP-Admin, wp-content, and wp-includes folders are…there should also be an error_log file. That has WordPress errors. There should also be a PHP folder or another logs folder higher up on the folder tree before public_html on your webhost hosting account file manager, or however you view files on your web host server. But the error_log file should give you all the logs about wordPress. it’s accumulative, and the newest is at the bottom, so scroll all the way down. (that’s provided that the file has been writable. check permissions on your folders if you don’t have one)

    And check permissions on everything. It’s possible it can’t update because of permission issues. Also, if you use something like iThemes security plugin, you can try temporarily renaming the htaccess file and/or the php.ini / user.ini file and make sure neither of those are blocking anything. Just temporarily rename them, and if it doens’t fix anything, you can name them back. It’s likely being blocked somehow.

    or, you can try to contact someone else and have them log in and try to troubleshoot it if you can’t fix it.

    Curl need to be activated and php modules can be set at your host. You could call support or you can try to get someone to help you.

    I’m back with some news for my problem.
    I’ve installed a clean wordpress site in the same server with default theme and everything works fine here. So there is no problem with host. The problem is my site and something going wrong with the installation.
    So, now it would be great if you can help me to reinstall everything (although i did it, but i’m not sure if i did something wrong), wordpress, theme, plugins, without messing up everything. I have evolve 3.7.2 and wordpress (4.7.5.) and i will export my evolve theme options. Can you help me with the steps (and their order) to do it;
    Thank u so much for your replies!

    After 2 months….
    host problem of course!
    Problem resolved. Thank u all for your help!

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