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  1. mark2
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Having a problem with my theme... I built the site suing the Kustom theme on the EasySite platform. I built it on my local comp & transferred it over to the site server.

    The problem is that none of the changes I make to the site through the EasySite platform are taking effect - it doesn't seem to be that the platform is able to write to the server to make the changes. Eg. if you check out the site (http://newsite.contractsupply.ca) you can see that the image holders in the bottom part of the page are blank - everytime I make changes to them through the EasySite platform, they aren't saved & it just reverts to what was originally there...

    I'm thinking it may have to do with file permissions on the server... does anyone any suggestions/thoughts? Thanks!

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