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  • Hey there,

    I have a few questions, hopefully I can get this sorted out. I have my own website (; it’s basically a site where I “sell” (referrals) contracts for mobile phones. Updating the site with news and such is really a hassle since I’m doing everything through an editor, adding pages manually and so forth. So that being said, I want to use WordPress to fully run my website, but there are a few things that I’m not quite familiar with and have no idea how to go further.

    – I want the layout of my website to be (almost) the same as the original design. I uploaded the header (the big pink banner with simtastic written in it), but I’m getting a lot of white space all around the banner. I’d like the site to be as wide as the banner, just as in the original design. How do I fix this?

    – I’d like to take the following page as an example:

    Basically, this is a table with different kind of offers from t-mobile concerning their price plans. Is there some kind of tool to easily recreate these kind of tables, or is it possible to copy a portion of the code from the original file and use it in WordPress?

    PS, I looked up the demo of pinboard ( and the “header” over there are actually sliding photos. It’s not really a problem for me if I have to include multiple pics for the header, but they’d have to be displayed at all the pages.

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  • I’m having similar issues; to my understanding is the coffee and mug image of the pinboard example is a slider image as you stated. which is completely different from an actual header image. from what i understand the header image is more so of a logo spot. I’ve posted a question similar to yours and am waiting for a response; I too would like the multiple images to be displayed on all the pages, but can’t quite seem to figure it out yet. perhaps your question or mine will be answered and we can both learn from it!
    will keep you posted!

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    Is there anybody who can possible help with just a bit of the problem?



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    Sorry your thread got hijacked :). If you want to modify a theme (other than options and settings in the dashboard) – and it sounds like you will need to do so — the first step is to create a Child Theme –

    Then you’ll need to post a link to your WordPress site with specific questions or issues you need help with.

    It’s really not possible to address theoretical issues – as code it totally specific to a site and/or theme.

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