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  • Hello Daniel,

    I have 3 questions for the pinboard theme:

    1.-i have a problem with the head picture (logo). I put it in 196×48 as you said in the theme, but when i enter the website, the image expands too much (google chrome), then i open it with “explorer” or “mozilla firefox” and is bigger than chrome. I would like to know if i can maybe put it in more than 196×48 (cause its too small).
    And if i cant do that, how can i have the image in the normal size.

    2.-An other but little question, can i delate the text of my first page?
    Cause in the principalpage i named it “Welcome” and in the text (down the options) it says “Welcome” again i i dont need that.

    3.- How do i use the slideshow from the theme? i didnt find it so i had to install an other slide show, but i need it between the logo and the options (the bar)

    Thank you very very much my friend.
    I will wait for your answer.
    My email is

    Best regards,


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  • Hi Javier,

    I had the same problem as your #1. When I imported the image from my computer using the header mennu it automatically widened it to 1500, which is way too wide.

    Solution (at least it worked for me):
    Upload using Media>Add New
    Go to Header settings and in “Select Image” choose an image from your media library. Click ‘show’, then ‘select as header’.

    Hope this helps,

    I’m liking this theme a lot so far, but I do wish there were more documentation. Maybe this will help:

    1. My solution was to upload a header image that’s 750 x 48 pixels. That’s the size the header wants it to be. Unfortunately, the size is hard-coded in the HTML. Here’s how the header image HTML looks:

    <img width="750" height="48" alt="[alt text goes here]" src="[url goes here]">

    The fact that JLDV’s image widened to 1500 instead of the 750 I’m seeing might be related to the Retina Header Image option being set (Appearance > Theme Settings). Retina images are normally double the size of standard images in both dimensions.

    2. If I understand correctly, you just want to delete the contents of the Welcome page. To do that, from the Admin menu go to Pages > Edit page, then remove the text of the page and click Publish.

    3. The theme’s page on briefly discusses this under “Adding posts to the slider”. You need to mark each post as Sticky by editing the post, editing the Visibility section on the right, and checking “Stick this post to the front page.” I’m not using the slider myself, but I played with it in testing and if I remember correctly it only shows up for some of the home page templates. You can change the home page template via Edit page > Page attributes > Template.

    Best of luck.


    Hi, I’m also dealing with problem #1
    I want to add my logo and I’m making the header 196×48, I tried uploading it through the media and the going to Appearance > Header and still get very distorted!
    I unchecked the Retina Header too and it didn’t help either!

    This is my site:

    Please help me!!!!


    I had the same problem, tried every combo of options and image size (there are at least three, 2 recommended by the theme depending on the hdmi setting, and one here), nothing worked of course. Finally I ssh in and remove the width and height setting code from header.php. Now it doesn’t mess with my image at all.

    prowley could you point us to the specific lines to get rid of?

    I am looking at pinboards header.php file now and im not sure what is safe to delete without breaking something.
    Or maybe if we could find where it pulls the height & width values from i could just change those

    An otherwise great theme with such a foolish header issue.

    Thanks prowley!

    Hi, I have used Pinboard for a while now, maybe I can offer some limited help with the header image. Do not edit the php pages, nor the style.css, because if you ever update the site you will have problems… Pinboard offers a custom css area, go to: Themes – Theme_options – click on Layout and enter the following code on the bottom of the page into the Custom Css area:

    .page-template-template-no-sidebars-php #wrapper,
    .page-template-template-blog-no-sidebars-php #wrapper,
    .page-template-template-portfolio-no-sidebars-php #wrapper {

    Upload your logo pic through the regular HEADER options. Disregard Cropping. Disregard the way the image looks in that options page. It should show up as wide as you have sized it in the above code..

    This worked for me, however I am not an expert, just playing around with website designs. Good luck, Groggo

    hartmutnz, thanks for the tip. I pasted that code in as you suggested, and the header width expanded to my desired width (1140) but the image is still a bit smaller, giving me white space on either size. Any thoughts as to why?

    Disregard. I found a tutorial back a few pages. Thanks.

    Hi again, I sized my image exactly the size I wanted in the header and that removed the white space..

    I want to use a square logo image, around 350x350px …
    how can I modify the header … ??



    Don’t hijack other people thread. Instead try to start a new thread of your own.

    Always good to give something back: Share your findings with the community.

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