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  • shitsumon


    I have the “gallery” setting in posts.

    I have checked “Open image links in a lightbox” in Appearance > Theme options.
    But the Gallery Post’s photos don’t open in the lightbox.
    Instead, each photo opens as an attachment.

    What can I do to have the lightbox work?

    How to stop the feature image from appearing in the gallery?

    How to change the color of the frames of the gallery photo images from white to gray or black?

    In Home page (front page?), the icon is filled with three photos.
    I assume it’s because the setting is the photo gallery posts.
    When the setting is the standard posts, only one photo shows up in icon.

    How can it make one photo to appear instead of three small photos in crowded space?

    In Appearance > Theme options, there is a thing called, “Posts Navigation”.
    What is the difference between static links, AJAX links, and infinite scroll?

    Thank you so much.

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  • I am having many of the same issues with pinboard. I am starting to get the feeling that there are a lot of questions, but no real answers or guidance. I chose the pinboard theme because it looked very user-friendly. There were so many templates. But none of them seem to work properly. I am growing frustrated – I will give it another day or two, and then I may have to switch themes.

    You might want to try your questions at the official PinBoard theme forum at OneDesigns. It appears to be a fairly active forum.

    Hope these answers help, not sure about Q1 or Q3 or Q5 🙂

    Q2. I believe you can use the gallery shortcode to exclude your image. You can read all the shortcodes here:

    [gallery exclude="21"]
    You will have to replace the 21 with whatever your featured image ID is, you can find it in the gallery.

    Q3. When you set the posts as GALLERY, it will try to do 3 images into one, if you want just one image to show up, I would just use the STANDARD/DEFAULT post.

    Q1: To open them pictures in the lightbox, change your gallery-shortcode. It will look something like [gallery ids="21,22,23,24"]. Just insert link="file" here and you’re all set. You can actually change it in gallery options using that media-gallery generator which comes with worpdress, but that one doesn’t seem to work every time.

    Q3: To change colors of the frames edit your style.css or use the user.css an change the corresponding .gallery-item classes to whatever you like.

    Q5: I haven’t tried it out so far. My Blog-in-spe doesn’t have so many entries that it would matter yet.

    The first option would be the standard “show 10 more entries”-link at the bottom of the front page, which leads to a kind of archive of all your posts through wich you can navigate by static links (previous 10 entries, next 10 entries – or whatever).

    The “infinite scroll” method automagically loads the next set of entries to show up on the front page, just briefly befor you would hit the end of the page. Using infinite scroll – by the way – wouldn’t show your footer to human visitors.

    Since I haven’t tested yet, I assume that the AJAX method loads the next few entries into the current document in the background, without directly showing them. Only with clicking “show more entries” the posts will acutally be made visible (because they’re already in the DOM) and ajax will load the next entries after those posts. But that’s – as said – just an assumption.

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