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  1. Geri70
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I'm not getting an answer on this at the support forum from the theme, so I move to here...

    Having trobles with my actual theme that my preview of the gallery is not the width the theme is.
    I chose the layout with no sidebars and set it to max width of 1.040px.
    It works well with my photoblog.
    The landing page (the blog) looks perfect (for me) if I post a picture (format: picture) - it fits...!

    But if I take the format "gallery" and the theme builds the preview of the first three pics, then I have a gap on the right side as you can see on my site right now (http://www.geri.at).

    How to avoid that...?

    At least, is there a chance to center it?


    Does anybody know how to change the height of the nav bar?
    I found some code snippes on the web,
    but they are not working for some reason…



    PS: If somebody knows a good alternative to the pinboard theme, I really would appreciate it.
    Important for me is a very small header. The photo/gallery should be the most important thing on my site...

  2. Geri70
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Maybe somebody else is looking for a solution to change the height of the nav-bar:
    I put this code:

    #access ul {
    height: 40px;

    in my user.css and it works (kind of).
    Still not centered in height, at least a solution.

    But still did not find out to center
    the Gallery Post Format...!

    Any ideas around?


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