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    OK, I have no problem assigning a custom theme to only show up on a single page/post which is what the plugin is built for.

    As most of my posts have hundreds of comments, I have to turn on comment pagination, otherwise it looks horrible and takes forever to load.

    The problem is that when I click on ‘comments page x’ the theme reverts back to the default website theme. I loose the setting of having the custom theme assigned to the post or page.

    Is there by any chance a way for you to change the logic when assigning a custom theme to a post or page to also include the possibility that the post or page may have paginationed comments?


    I have a custom theme assigned to ‘article-title’ which works, but when clicking page 2 of the comments I get the url above, and of course everything reverts back to the default theme.

    I hope this explanation is clear as I am totally out of ideas on how to fix this.

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  • Unless I totally misunderstood your meaning, I think all you need to do is click the Prefix checkbox when you define the page’s or post’s theme to the Plugin:
    Select here if URL is a Prefix {checkbox} Anything that begins with this URL will use this Theme

    For example, anything that begins should include both the Post or Page itself, as well as any Comment pages.

    Thank You, totally solved the problem. Don’t know how I missed that one, now that I re-read it, makes total sense.

    So glad that that solves it! Thanks for taking the time to let everyone know the “happily ever after” ending.

    Your welcome!

    Yes, we have tried about 7 different plugins now, and in the end, while yours did not have the fanciest gui’s, it did the job the best with no errors anywhere and the final piece of the puzzle above put it over the top.

    Combine that with another snippet I worked on and we now have complete control which is what we needed.

    At this point we are only doing the basics, so I can’t comment about custom post-types, categories, or anything like that. We are only using it for pages which is perfect.

    Thanks again!

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