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  • I’m trying to upload “page-style” from but when I do it says that “template” and “stylesheet” are both missing. What can I do?

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  • Make sure that the file is actually in there or not. ..pathtowordpress/wp-content/themes/page-style/template.php

    If its not. Might consider downloading again, or google your exact question and see if anyone else has that problem.

    It’s definitely not there. I downloaded again from wordpress and still no luck. I went to the theme authors page and found from there I could downlaod it from Google. That worked as far as being able to upload it but now I can only change widgets on the right sidebar and not the inner/left sidebar. I’ve looked at author’s web page and followed links to other pages; I seem to be the only one with this problem but I can’t figure out how to fix it.

    hmm. I just downloaded and installed it and worked fine.. All three bars seem to be working..

    confirm this is correct theme

    Yes that’s the right one but in that description it reads:

    “The inner sidebar contains pages menu, categories, archives and blogroll while the outermost sidebar is widgets enabled and can contain whatever you define in your blog’s admin area (under Appearance / widgets). ”

    I need to know how to change it so the inner sidebar contains what *I* want it to contain rather than what it wants to give me. When I go to widgets it does not give me the option to change the inner sidebar.

    If you go to the appearance >editor then click on the side bar link on right hand side of your management panel.. it will open that file and you can begin editing it.

    Look for:

    <div id="sidebar-right">
    	<!---put anything you want here-->
    			<div id="subfeed" >

    You can add anything you want inside there. Will require little coding. Let me know if you need help.

    Oh I DEF need help. Have no idea what to put there. And that’s for the right sidebar right? But it’s the left one that won’t allow me to change it.

    lol.. they are kind of a hassle.. The right sidebar has two parts to it..a left and a right side.. you can only add additional links/pages or get rid of
    * Development Blog
    * Documentation
    * Plugins
    * Suggest Ideas
    * Support Forum
    * Themes
    * WordPress Planet
    by just clicking a button..

    However, you can change anything you want on either side. You just have to do it using the editor or by copying to notepad and making the changes. Then pasting back to your editor.

    Or copy to note pad

    What are you wanting to add to it?

    I’m not sure I even understand the first part of what you wrote.

    But in regards to the 2nd part, I want my categories, archives and blogroll on the right/inner. On the left I have text I want to add in a list form, as well as a cpl html badges, buttons etc. Will that be possible?

    Yea that is possible.

    paste a link to your blog and I will help you out in the morning. I will add the text and html badges to the copy I have here, then you may just upload to your own. From that you will be able to see how I did it and will be much easier for you..

    I don’t have the badges or html up right now on my blog but here’s my link:

    The text I have is just list form with some items striked. The badges are from various websites and blogrings. Maybe you could show me a sample of how to add it and I can try it from there?

    Thanks for your help. I’m certainly learning a lot!

    Looks like you already got taken care of..

    No I don’t. It will not allow me to edit the inner column at all. I’ve tried rewriting the code but when I upload and overwrite the existing code and go to check it in the Editor it shows NO changes.I’d at least like the categories to be shown in alphabetical order but again, it won’t allow me to change ANYTHING. >:( I’m very frustrated with the whole thing.

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