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  • I encounter an issue when I use the apostrophe in a post title, and try to edit it directly through the in-page interface (rather than the WordPress backend).

    Example: I create a post with the following title:

    That's the title

    And the following content:

    That's the content

    You will note that I use the simple “typewriter apostrophe”, easy to type with the keyboard, equivalent to ’ in html, U+0027 in Unicode.

    When I save the post, WP will turn that apostrophe from «’» into «’» (a typographic apostrophe, aka U+2019 in Unicode). That’s a very nice thing, since I appreciate good typographic style.

    The problem, if I try to edit the post through the P2 frontend, is that the apostrophe in the title field is rendered as a HTML entity, '. The same apostrophe in the content field is rendered as a “typewriter apostrophe”.

    If I edit and save the article multiple times, things are getting messy: the title will now look like this:

    That's the title

    And after the next save:

    That's the title

    And so on.

    Notes: the language setting of my site is French, and I am using the “Markdown for P2” plugin (the only active plugin, currently).

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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