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  • I installed the Oxygen theme (which is nothing short of beautiful, by the way) on one of my self-hosted blogs, following theme creator’s instructions:

    • Created a static page using the Front page template (as the Showcase template is nowhere to be found – checked the editor for the php file, too)
    • Went to setting -> Reading and set the Front page to static, selecting Front page (as Showcase still not available)
    • Added a huge photo (some 2048 pixels) to initial Hello world! post, as a featured picture, of course
    • Made the post sticky
    • Parked the post in the Featured location (lower right corner)
    • Even made a Featured category, to be on the safe side
    • And zip, zilch, nada

    Now I suspect it’s all to do with the missing Showcase template. If I could only get my hands on it, I’m sure the problem goes away. Cause this isn’t a theme only, is it (which would account for my problems)?

    Looking forward to hear from you guys. Thanks!

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  • I’m not an expert; waiting for help myself, but am using Oxygen…

    You refer to the Showcase template? Never heard of it. Do you not mean the Front Page template? The slider is called the Featured Slider.

    I’ll list what I have:
    1/ A PAGE called “Home” set to “Front Page” template, makes no difference what content is in it because it’s over-ridden by the contents of the Front Page template. (page-template-front.php)
    2/ Settings / Reading > Static page: “Home”
    3/ I have 4 POSTS with a “Featured Image” and below that “Location” is set to “Featured” post location on the home page. !important step.

    Works for me, but in all my experiments so far I’ve not seen the word “showcase” anywhere in Oxygen. I am in the process of resetting all CSS and getting complete control over the layout, also having WP-Ecommerce added on. Good luck…

    @sonic1243: Thanks a bundle for your kind response. It too went for the Front Page template, as the Showcase template, described on the theme documentation page (se below) seems absent:

    The Showcase Page template offers a featured slider for Sticky Posts. To use the template, create or edit a page, and assign it to the Showcase Page template from the Page Attributes module. If you’d like use the Showcase Page template on your front page, go to Settings → Reading and set the Front page option to Static Page. Select the page you just assigned the Showcase Page template to as your front page and then choose another page to serve as your blog page.

    Even so, and with the Front Page page (that I created, using the Front page template) set as static front page, with sticky posts, located as Featured, and more than ample (featured) image size, nothing apears on the front, save for two empty text holders.

    To my knowledge, I’ve done everything entirely “by the book”.

    Hmmm I suspect that page might be out of date or something then – I have it running but its definately called the Front Page template, and its nothing to do with Sticky posts; none of mine are set to Sticky (try un-stickying them). I notice there is an update for Oxygen now too but its irrelevant for me since i’ve renamed the template and am making it my own.

    So, if we have the same settings I’ve no idea why its not working for you. My test site is linen cupboard dot com slash shop.

    These forums are rather busy; as are the experts, its not easy to get your problem seen once its drifted off the first page, and we are not allowed to ‘bump’ them. I’ve asked for help fixing my two-column template file but not heard back yet. Link.
    I gotta run now but will watch this thread, good luck .. .

    @sonic1243: Thanks a lot once more. Well waddayaknow… “Un-sticking” the post did the trick – although the image comes out huge, as can be expected with that kind of original. I’ll find a way around that, I expect.

    Thank you ever so much again. I’ve been trying to get my head around that one for a couple of days (especially as the theme documentation explicitly instructs us to make all slide featured posts sticky).

    Grand : ) These images are supposed to resize themselves; all very clever – you upload one pic but the website makes copies for each of the locations such as a small thumbnail; and featured-slider pic etc. I’ve got it all running really well, just need to add my own web design around it now. Cheers…. (gone out)

    @jarlep , what do you mean by “Un-sticking” ?

    @justinthedesigner: The problem is long since solved, but it appears that the theme works differently over at, where making posts sticky is a prerequisite for making posts/images appear as featured.

    Seeing as I’m using it on a selv-hosted blog, that requirement no longer applies, so I made unchecked the posts that I’d made sticky (“un-sticked” them).

    @jarlep, nice to hear that, this thread helped me fix my problem too! 🙂

    Hello all,

    @jarlep, I actually didn’t get the “Un-sticky” part of your comment…
    I made tests with Oxygen themes locally but it unfornately doesn’t work online…
    Still a problem with the slider, the featured post aren’t on a slider but being published one under the other…
    Can you please help me ? Thanks a lot !!


    Oh Thank you all – especially sonic. I kept thinking you must have to have something in the Front Page template and this seems to be why it wasn’t working for me. I was also guilty of the ‘sticky’ mistake too. Hours of headaches spared – thanks again 🙂

    I just set up the Oxygen theme and ran into the same problems as you all. The Oxygen theme on is slightly different than the one on

    @jarlep, you are correct – Showcase template is on the site while Front Page template is on Sticky post is used to create the featured slideshow on the home page for It doesn’t appear to be useful on Actually, you do need to turn it off / uncheck it and select the Featured option in the Location attribute in order for the Featured Slideshow to work. See below.

    To get the featured slideshow effect on, I went into full edit mode for a post and selected the page attribute of Location, where there is an option for making the featured image appear on the home page. Select the “Featured” radio button to make it show up on the slideshow. “Primary” option will make it appear in the “recent articles” section of the home page (below the featured slideshow). Secondary will make it show up on the “more articles” section. Hope this helps. Let me know what you all encounter. I’m finding that after a great test run on the site using the Oxygen theme, its a bit disappointing to find many irregularities with this theme on (I’m using Bluehost). For example, the search bar seems to be cut off when placed in the Primary sidebar widget. Any insights?


    Do not display

    Post location on the home page

    Can anyone help with this?

    All my featured posts are “radio buttoned” as featured posts but my home page slider has gone wonky – it’s showing the slides in a list instead of – well sliding!

    I may have deleted a plugin by mistake – any notes as to which plugins come with oxygen so I can check back and see what I’ve deleted?

    thanks for any help

    I also may have deleted the ability to lightbox images – not sure if it was from the same plugin?

    Hi queen_sheba,

    I exactly have the same problem as yours !!
    It worked perfectly locally but for a reason I ignore, it doesn’t work properly on internet !!

    Does anyone can help please ?
    My website :

    (I’ve just left one article on Feature to avoid this disgraceful thing).

    Thanks !


    I too had done everything according to all the posts I read and still no joy.

    I uninstalled the existing version of Oxygen I had, re-installed it from the Dashboard using the version available through the Search function on the install page.

    I then un-stickied the posts as suggested by Sonic1243 and it works fine now.

    Thanks Sonic12434

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