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  • rubengalvezm


    Hi guys, first of all I apologize for my english, I’ll try to do my best:

    Well, I’m developing a store website using Woocommerce, as many other times, and I’m using “Oxygen Theme”, but not the free one, but this one:

    The theme is fantastic, and everything works well, as expected, but somehow, the shop page is CSS broken.

    1. This is what I see when I click on “shop” button:

    No top admin bar, no footer, no css styling in any text, at least the columns are right, no adding product to the cart possibility (# link on any “add to cart” button), when you click a single product you get a unformatted gallery with a really long vertical scroll. So, basically, its not working at all.

    2. What I’ve done / tried:

    Almost everything :). Fresh install, files and database, updating Woocommerce, WordPress, plugins, deactivating plugins, reactivating them, updating permalinks, re-setting shop base page, removing shop base page and making a new one…

    3. The curious things:

    It works perfect in localhost, in MAMP, 🙁 but not online. I tried 2 different hosting providers, and I get same problem, so probably its not related to my hosting provider.

    4. The problem

    The only way I can show you guys the website is sending access data by PM, because now the website is pending of solving this problem, and its online, but with a “coming soon” plugin working as splash screen, until its solved. And, the theme creator is lost at all, no idea whats going on, but it seems that some users have reported this problem or bug. And the worst problem of all, we’re dealing with a terrible delay with our client because we can’t put the shop online yet :(.

    So, does anybody know what could it be happening to my website? I really appreciate your efforts reading till here, and if you need so, I’ll send the access information to let you have a look.

    Thanks A LOT in advance.


    P.D: Not sure if I’m in the correct sub forum.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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