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  • Hi, I’m working on top of the Oxygen theme and I want a two column template available for: left-side column and the remainder of the width for content. Rather than creating a new template I figured it would be best to edit the page-template-fullwidth.php file which I do not need.

    I’ve spotted an IF function for this template (theme_embed_defaults – width) and changed it to the correct width for the content column, and also spotted and amended this:

    if ( is_page_template( 'page-template-fullwidth.php' ) ) {
    		$sidebars_widgets['primary'] = true;
    		$sidebars_widgets['secondary'] = false;

    I’ve tried all the obvious ways to get it to work but despite the menu showing up its got no content in it; the left-column does show as a rounded box inbetween the header and content.

    So, why is my template showing an empty primary-sidebar please?
    Test site: linen cupboard dot com slash shop
    See account/checkout/contact pages.
    Thanks …

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  • I am trying to do the exact same thing, but haven’t come up with a good solution yet. Please let me know if you are able to figure this one out! I love the theme, but it just looks a bit squished and I don’t have any need for the right hand column.

    Good timing – I just happened to download Oxygen yesterday and have spent the last 30mins trying to figure out exactly this. It’s not the primary (beneath the logo) or the secondary (black left sidebar menu) you want to remove, it’s the subsidiary menu. I’m trying to find the right place in the CSS to change it to a two sidebar theme – i’ll post back if I can figure it out.

    If you remove go to the footer and remove the following:

    <?php get_sidebar( 'subsidiary' ); // Loads the sidebar-subsidiary.php template. ?>

    it drops the right sidebar. Now to figure out in the CSS how to increase the width…

    Head to the CSS and change the following sections:

    [code moderated per forum rules – the limit for posting in this forum is 10 lines – for anything above that, please use the pastebin]

    Warning: this breaks the ‘primary’ posts formatting on the front page. I’ll get back to you on how to fix this up.

    Sorry. Change 79.78723404255319% to 100%:

    .page-template-fullwidth .content-wrap { width: 100%; }
    #content {
    	float: left;
    	width: 79.78723404255319%;	/* 470 / 750 = 0.6266666666666667 */
    	margin: 0 0 0px 0;

    Hi Cyano, good to hear some enthusiasm, havin trouble getting help on here atm …

    Respectfully; it cant be the subsidiary menu because that’s contained in the <footer>. We have three sections; <header> <main> <footer> and its the contents of <main> we’re trying to control here. Also noting <aside> is the first thing contained within <main> and this is the menu I want to keep.

    If I do as you suggest and edit the footer.php so it now longer calls the subsidiary menu then it removes the sub menu from the footer, as expected, the <main> section is not touched and the right side secondary menu is still there.

    So, I’m a bit lost as to why its worked for you. I am in the process of overwriting most the CSS; replacing percentages with pixels and generally making it my own, but I haven’t moved the sub-menu into <footer>, it was there already. I get most the html/css, it’s the php I don’t understand.

    Any idea what “do_atomic” is? That’s gotta be something critical to what content is called into these templates.

    I actually think my html/css is already done – but for some reason the php is not loading the contents of my <aside> – the top and bottom graphics are visible but no middle. My test is at linen cupboard dot com slash shop – see the contact/checkout pages. You got a page we could see?
    Cheers …

    EDIT: my html/css is done, the aside menu floats left as intended; the content-wrap floats to the right of that, but the aside has got no content …?! And its the store/account/checkout pages, not contact.

    Trying to make this as well!

    I would like to remove the right sidebar, make the post/entry zone on index page to spread over the last 2 columns. The image would be bigger and would take full width of those 2 columns.

    I’ve tried the tricks posted above with no luck.

    Any idea how to achieve it?

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