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[Theme: Oxygen] Increasing width on posts

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  • Do you have any widgets displayed in your sidebar?

    2 widgets on the left sidebar: newsletter sign up and pages list. Thank you!

    I’ll install this theme on my local and get back to you. Think it’s a bit of CSS hackery to be honest.

    Ok thank you so much!

    Managed to get you a full width post, however the posts image alignment is not perfect.

    Oh wow, can I see? How did you do it?

    Your CSS has been minified so please be very careful when you edit it. Ideally make a backup of it first, then open style.min.css

    1. Find (Ctrl+F): .hentry .archive-thumbnail
    2. Add property: float: right;
    3. Find: #content
    4. Change: width to 100%

    That should do it, and the image alignment should be perfect too.

    Remember this will affect all posts, sitewide + also ensure you’re editing the correct CSS selectors.

    Should I make a child theme? I think I read about how to do that?

    Thank you so much!!!

    I would strongly advise you to create a child theme if you haven’t already. More information can be found here.

    Hope your problem is solved!


    I’ll make the child theme and then do what you suggested! Thank you so much Tareq!

    For some reason when I install my child theme, it messes up the width of the post already and things appear of center. Is it because I potentially messed with the Oxygen code style sheet? I’ve already deleted and reinstalled both the original oxygen theme and the child and the same problem keeps coming up

    Hello, sorry for my lack of response today, I’ve been away from my computer for a while.

    Did you import the parent stylesheet using @import?

    I did, case sensitive and everything

    Only imported the style sheet and I just named it Oxygen child

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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