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    It looks like a great plugin, but is a bit useless due to it’s position.

    Why place the Theme options under the Appearance tab? I am building a site for a client who will log in as an Editor (quite common practice). They need to be able to access the options.

    Wouldn’t it be more logical to have this in the dashboard with a basic permission setting to allow/disallow access for the various roles?

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  • You can use this plugin in Theme mode so you can place Theme option link wherever you want.

    Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated!

    I understand that I can include the plugin in the root of my theme, but I can’t work out how to move the Options screen out of the Appearance tab. I need it to show in the main Admin navigation so that an Editor can access the options.

    I looked through the included documentation, but I didn’t see this info. Please can you let me know how to do this?


    I’ve managed to move the tab into the main menu by commenting out the following line in includes > ot-ui-theme-options.php:

    'parent_slug' => 'themes.php'

    However, the options page is still not visible to the website’s Editor. Please can you let me know how to provide access for the editor to use the options panel?


    You should change capability value too, from manage_options to publish_pages.

    This is not elegant solution but easiest.

    Ok. Does that mean that there is more elegant solution?

    I looked around the web and it seems quite a lot of people have the same problem/request. Is there any chance of addressing this in the included documentation or on the plugin’s WP page?

    It’s a great plugin and I imagine it will be very useful for other projects, so thanks for all your hard work.

    how to change a name of theme otions your plugin … u give a “theme options ” i want to replace that name with “Dm setting” than how can i change ?

    @dhaval007: see ot-ui-theme-options.php file

    but i want to change from admin side or from functions.php than how ?

    @dhaval007: use ot_theme_options_page_title and ot_theme_options_menu_title filters

    @w1cky: I’m not sure about an elegant solution because I just like you, a user of this plugin not author.

    My idea to solve your issue is use a capability value (publish_pages) that available for superadmin, admin and editor. manage_options is a capability just availabe for superadmin and admin, not for editor. You can see Roles and Capabilities in WP document for more information.

    UPDATE: in new version of OT, Derek (plugin’s author) use edit_theme_options instead manage_options. Editor still can’t access page because edit_theme_options not available for editor.

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    I’ve added a filter to the slug which be available in v2.0.14 that will be released in the next day or two. But that’s as much filtering as I can allow without causing things to break in the plugin. You can download and test it here.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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