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    I’m using theme options for a theme in 2.0. I set up those options in the theme options screen when I created my blog. But twice in the past two months the options have reverted to default, obviously changing the look of my site. I’ve then had to go back into theme options and put them to the correct settings.

    Anyone know why this is happening? I’m thinking a solution is to disable theme options. But how do I put the options there into the template? Thanks

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  • I had the same problems and tried searching for a solution a lot. No one seemed to know what was happening.

    Finally, I went into my installation and tried to see if there was ANYTHING not standard about how it was installed. I realized that I had a directory in my wordpress root directory that was chmoded to 777. It was leftover from the way I installed an earlier version of wordpress.

    I have no idea why this would have an effect on the theme, but basically after I removed that leftover directory (it had been empty, btw), I stopped experiencing the strange “theme reverts to default” bug.

    Additionally, I do have other directories in my root directory side-by-side with my wordpress installation (for example, a files directory for my own use, and directories I have for friends to see notes to themselves), but none of that causes this bug (or seems to conflict). It was only the directory that was chmodded to 777 that seemed to cause it to happen.

    As a test, I would like to restore that ‘wordpress’ directory chmodded to -777 and see if the theme starts to revert back to the default theme or not.

    If I do this, I’ll blog about it on and hopefully google will index it and it will help others.

    If you help me spread the word, or if people with questions about what I did want to, I can be contacted at emily [at] pennyhero [do] net or at through comments.

    I don’t if the chmod is the problem, though. I have everything chmod’ed to 755 and have the exact same problem.

    Your theme may need to update a function in the MySQL database for some reasons.
    If your theme gets an Option page (a functions.php file), or in a template file, you call directly the database (not by using a template tag or a plug-in tag, but a MySQL command), something may be badly coded. Then, WordPress may think your theme is broken and then, go back to the by default theme.
    With this explanation, you may find what is wrong. If you downloaded the theme, try to speak to the developper if he faced the same problem.

    Well I seem to be having this problem with 2.0.5 and just checked to see all directories properly set to CHMOD 755.

    My problem is that the theme reverts to default every few hours and its becoming a nagging problem

    I have probably come up with a solution, it seems that WP-Mobile plug-in designed by Alex King somehow conflicts with the installation, simply disabling the plug-in makes all the headaches go away.

    Credit for the solution Scott Burkett –

    In all fairness to Alex, it’s not a problem with his plugin, but as Scott Burkett himself explains, HE didn’t follow Alex’s instructions and that’s why the problem occurred. 🙂

    So you see, it does pay to RTFM! 🙂

    And for the third time drawab, as joni stated, it’s not a matter of disabling the plugin, it’s a matter of reading the directions and installing the mobile theme in your theme directory rather than leaving it in the plugin folder.

    I must agree to the mistake, apologies to even hinting of accusing Alex King’s plug in. I had no such intentions, its just that there was something wrong in the way I had installed the plug-in that was the root cause of all my problems. will get down to accurately installing it next time

    Thank you yet again.

    I just posted this in for the sake of any FYI for other blogger who might be having similar problems.

    The same bug with my Kissfendi theme. It keeps reverting to Kubrick Default theme. 🙁

    Any fix yet?


    I have been having this issue for months and months.

    I have deactivated all plugins except for Akismet, Spotmilk and WordPress Backup.
    I have never installed the WP-Mobile plug-in.
    I do not know what a chmod777 is or how to fix it.
    I have three wordpress blogs running off 3 different db’s but only one of them has this reset problem.

    If anyone has a simple fix to this issue i’d greatly appreciate it.

    I’m not using WP-Mobile but I still have that problem.

    update … but I am using David Harper’s Ultimate Gamer’s Pack, which reformats the site for Wii, PSP, and DS-lite. I found that I had it installed incorrectly – it needs to have the plugin folders in the themes folder, not the plugins folder.

    I’m not using wp-mobile, and I’m having the same issue – randomly occurs every few hours.

    i’m also having issues with not being emailed when someone comments even though I have the ’email me whenever’ option selected.

    And these issues were with both v2.1 and the new 2.2 release.

    I’ve had this problem since I changed themes several months ago. I’m beginning to suspect that it’s .php problem. I modified the theme that I wanted to use, and changed some of the php coding — nothing major, I thought at the time — but one of them was the functions.php file. Since then I’ve had the revert-to-default-theme problem on a regular basis, no matter what theme I load.

    I run very few plugins, and certainly none of the ones that have been identified as causing this problem. I think that it’s a coding problem, but have no idea how to fix it.

    I wrote my own theme and have used it for a long time. I have no folders chmoded to 777. I have not touched function.php. I do not use WP-Mobile or any other such plugin.

    I started having this problem after upgrading to 2.2.

    Does anybody have any idea what’s happening?

    I am also having this problem. After upgrading to 2.2, the theme reverts to default no matter how many times I seemingly successfully change it to my chosen theme. It shows up as that theme for a while, and then, next time I look hours later – it is back to default. Any ideas about this?

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