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  • I set this blog up for my sister and with a little bit of training, I turned her loose on it. Now there is an error showing at the top of every page:

    buttercream_options = buttercream_get_theme_options(); $buttercream_style = $buttercream_options['theme_style'];

    How and where do I hide this message so that it’s not not showing on every page?

    The site is

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  • Hmm, it’s not happening on the demo site, which is running the same version of the theme:

    I’ve tested it on two other installs and can’t reproduce this.

    Did you make changes in a child theme? If so, try deactivating the child theme and activating the parent theme alone to rule out an issue with the child theme.

    If not, it’s possible a change was made during the customization process that’s incompatible with a recent theme update. You can check readme.txt to see a change log of what’s been done.

    It’s also possible something was corrupted during the update process, in which case you can try re-installing the theme. Also go to Appearance -> Theme Options and hit Save Changes to ensure the database options have saved properly.

    Well, I had made a couple of changes that took me forever to figure out how to do because I’m not familiar with modifying WordPress themes. I had tweaked the CSS to not show the edit button nor the date on sticky posts. I got that working and customized the banner to show the cupcake on her logo, and then my sister told me tonight that it had prompted her to update the theme. I don’t see any of the CSS changes I made, so I’m trying to remake them and will try putting them in the custom CSS screen so they don’t get overwritten by any future updates. I’m not even sure what you’re asking about a child theme, unless that’s where I changed the CSS and the header image.

    You can read about child themes here. It’s a more complex solution to the Custom CSS field included with the theme’s options, for example, if you wanted to change more in the theme files than just the CSS. But you’d know if you were using one because you’d have to create it.

    back up the entire theme files

    delete the theme

    re install the theme

    one by one copy over the new theme files with your old files until the problem appears… when it does tell us which file caused it and paste it here with pastebin 🙂

    I love this theme but I’ actually getting the exact same error without having modified anything… I’m installing it through 1and1 click and build app… Thanks! 🙂

    wait, just doubled checked, not the exact error, but this one

    Call to undefined method stdClass::add_help_tab() in /homepages/3/d218613829/htdocs/app218613843/wp-content/themes/buttercream/inc/theme-options/theme-options.php on line 322

    Moksa, that means you need to update your WordPress installation to 3.3 or greater.

    Love the theme! I just did the update and I am getting the same message as carlaromere at the top of my page:
    $buttercream_options = buttercream_get_theme_options(); $buttercream_style = $buttercream_options[‘theme_style’];
    I am new to this website and can’t seem to figure out what happened. I re-installed the theme and it was still there after the re-install. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The website (still in its early stages) is


    I have the same problem.
    I always have this messsage in the header.

    The message only come if I use a custom image for the header.
    With the 3 base image header I don’t have the message…

    Is there a way to fix it ?



    Aha, found the bug! Thanks for the tip, dreamaniac, that helped to narrow it down for me.

    A fix will be released in the next update. If you want to make the change in the meantime, you can open functions.php and move lines 261-262 to inside the closing ?> tag just before them (I think it’s line 259 or 260).

    Perfect! That fixed it for me. Thank you so much!

    I found the function.php but could not find the lines in question. Can you provide what lines they are? Like I said I am new to this and could not figure out which lines 261-262. I counted (not sure if that was right) but without knowing the lines and their information I had no idea what to do. Thanks again.

    I don’t remember off the top of my head, and the update will likely be released in the next few days anyway. But try opening the file in a text editor that displays the line numbers for you so you don’t have to count, that will make it easier. BBEdit, Editpad, and there are many other free programs you can download.

    I appreciate the response. Probably just wait on the update so I dont mess anything up 🙂 Thanks again

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