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    I have upgraded one blog and haven’t another. In both instances Twenty Ten will not upgrade. I get this message:
    An error occurred while updating Twenty Ten: Could not remove the old theme..
    Suggestions? I don’t want to upgrade our main site until I know how to resolve this one!
    thanks in advance!

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  • Can I bump this up? I have upgraded 3 of our 4 blogs to 3.4. I don’t dare to do our main site as there seems to be the problem of themes failing to upgrade.
    I got one site to behave: upgraded to 3.4 and the themes upgraded too. But what I did there doesn’t work with the other 2.
    I’ll keep looking around for a solution.

    The problem can be related to your plugins or themes. Try these steps:
    1. Deactivate all the plugins
    2. Revert to the default twenty-eleven theme to identify if it is theme-specific
    3. Activate plugins ONE BY ONE to identify if it is related to plugins. If related to plugins, remove or reinstall the latest compatible version.
    4. Once every thing is OK, you can reset your favorite theme.

    These can resolve your problem. If not report back for further stepts.

    Thank you, I will try those steps! and I’ll report back.

    I have tried these steps and I think I have an additional question or problem. My sites are mostly multi-blog sites with a network admin. How do you do those steps with that in mind?
    I have tried and I am still getting the message:
    An error occurred while updating Twenty Ten: Could not remove the old theme..
    for both Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven.
    thank you for your additional assistance!

    I have upgraded 3 of our 4 blogs to 3.4

    This shows that you are installing themes and WP upgrades separately for each blog. Then what is the problem? Can you post the URL of one of the multi-blog sites?

    Maybe I don’t have to worry about this but I don’t like to see that something has failed.
    OK here is one site:
    I have upgraded to 3.4 but both the Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven themes have failed to upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4. And I don’t know why.

    Have you edited the themes? Or are you using child themes?

    I am not using a child theme on this site. Our major web site I do use a child theme. But the two are not connected so it shouldn’t be an issue.
    I am guessing this is a pretty unique problem.
    If upgrading themes is not a major issue, then i can live with it.
    Thanks for your assistance!

    It is always best to have the default WP theme keep upgraded because it helps you to sort out site problems. You can try to rename the current version to ~old and upload a freshly downloaded version. If it fails (rare case), you can revert easily to the current theme.

    This worked like a charm! Many thanks for your help on this!

    You are welcome!

    Hi! Krishna. Great to see you helping people over here.

    I’ve the same problem I my blog and no plugin is having issues.

    It’s true that wp default themes should always be fixed as they help us in some testing or site redesigning works.

    Please help me as well.

    My twenty eleven and twenty ten themes are not updating but showing errors.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂



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    @avi Jit (skyhitblog)

    please start your own topic;

    your problem is likely to be slightly different;

    @alchymyth I saw theme not updating so I thought of posting here, ok thanks. I’ll start a new thread Sir. 🙂

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