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  • smbyrne10



    I have purchased the Canvas theme from Whoo Themes, and have transferred the file through my FTP client, but the theme is not showing up in my WordPress admin themes. Everything looks fine and downloaded successfully on the FTP side.

    My situation is a little different because I am building a new site while the original site ( is still up. I am using an IP address as the host name instead of

    Could this be causing the issue, or is there something that is causing the theme to not download correctly? Could something not be accepting the theme?

    I have deactivated all plugins and have deleted and downloaded the theme again. Still no luck.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!!! 🙂

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  • ulyssesr


    You’re doing something tricky because your domain is tied to your IP address. Take a look at your WordPress Dashboard under Settings -> General. Try putting your IP address on the following settings.
    WordPress address (URL)
    Site address (URL)

    I’m not sure if that will work. I think you’re better off just backing up your old site and installing WordPress fresh using your domain name because that’s probably what you will end up doing anways. BTW, where is your old site? root? How about your WordPress? root or sub-directory?

    Sugar Apple


    upload your theme via wordpress admin dashboard (in a zip) instead via FTP upload, some times your files may get corrupted.

    good luck

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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