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  • Ralv


    Ok I’ve grown frustrated to the point where I don’t know how to troubleshoot this thing. I have zero knowledge of HTML, PHP and whatnot, so that’s not helping.

    I am trying to get my newly purchased theme to work, which is supposed to look like this: Their support page lists the things I should do in the event my homepage doesn’t look like the demo, the first step of which is to make sure I’ve created a page and set it to use the Homepage template.
    This is where the problem comes in because there is no “Template” element in the Page Attributes sidebar. What’s more, I’ve tried some of their other themes to see if those did work, and some do have the Template option, but when left to Default it shows my gallery without any visible theme elements, and when set to Homepage (as prescribed) it shows no page at all.

    I’ve emailed authenticthemes and gotten a little help, but they haven’t emailed back a second time. I’ve googled my ass off, mostly getting to threads where the solution is reverting back to Twenty Twelve as a sort of reset (which doesn’t work for me) or where the problem stems from a custom created template (which I wouldn’t even know how to do).

    So I’m clueless right now, I have no idea where to even look because I am completely new to this; am I such a complete noob that I’m missing something very basic? Yesterday I found out by chance that the reason inserting media didn’t work was because I was using IE instead of Chrome.. I never would have thought about switching browsers.
    So if somebody could at least point me in the right direction, that would be fantastic.

    I use WordPress 3.6.1 without any plugins, and couldn’t find my theme in the Themes Directory.
    The web address is

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  • lettergrade


    Hey Ralv, very sorry to hear about your frustrating times. You won’t have a lot of luck getting help specific to your theme on these forums, because these forums don’t provide support for commercial products (for very reasonable reasons). Without access to your actual theme files, it’s difficult for us to say with any certainty if your template files are actually missing or not. What did the theme vendor suggest?

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