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    When I created this site recently, it was created on the WP 3.81. I chose Lobster because I am using it on another site with no problems.

    However, this time, my static page is not showing. When visitors go to my site,, the only thing they see is the header. My home page top widget area is not visible, not is my page content that was selected as the static page.

    When I’m logged into WP everything looks gtreat. But if I go to my site without being logged in (as visitors would) I get nothing but the header or even “This webpage is not available”.

    If I a visitor goes to a specific page like, that shows correctly. But again if they click the HOME tab, they will not see it.

    Thanks for the help on this!

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  • Theme Author ruphel


    Hi Myancey 🙂

    If you’re able to view able to view the page when your logged in there must be a conflict with a plugin. The first solution I can think of is to create a page template.

    Okay, when your logged in, view the page source and make a copy of the html markup. Paste the markup in to your text-editor. You can divide the markup in to two or three parts namely header, page template and footer.

    Create a new file in your the root of your theme and save it as header-front.php and paste the top portion of the markup.

    Note: You’ll have to clean up all the ‘admin’ markup, js and style links especially in the footer.

    Next create the main template I’ve created a little template your for below:

    Template Name: Your Front Page
    // 'front' as a parameter
    // paste your html here!
    // 'front' as a parameter

    The footer is optional, it would be perhaps best to take the footer markup from a page your not logged on to.

    You can read a lot more about page template here:

    I hope this works out for you. If not, let me know 🙂

    Hi, thanks for this. It was somewhat helpful. I can get my home page to show now without being logged in. However, there are a few problems that I cannot seem to work out.

    Keep in mind this is my 1st time doing this.

    I did not know what you meant by this:

    “Note: You’ll have to clean up all the ‘admin’ markup, js and style links especially in the footer”

    So I copied as is.

    1) My nav menu is blank – even though in the menu section all my pages are listed there.

    2) There is some funky text wingdings where my apostrophes, dashes, etc were.

    3) I can not quite get my footer to show properly. I have a ?> before and after the footer section that I cannot get rid of.

    So I’m almost there! If you would help me to fix these other issues, I think I’ll be good! Thanks so much!

    Theme Author ruphel



    On line 298 of your source code

    The ‘?>’ is a closing PHP tag, that shouldn’t be there, I would say that’s is the root cause of your problems.


    // ‘front’ as a parameter

    I would really need to see the template files to find out exactly what’s wrong with the markup. If you’d like you can send me your login details and I’ll sort it for you. You can email them to I doubt it’s a big problem and I won’t live edit 🙂

    Thanks so much! I tried for hours to fix it and then gave up. I will send you my info now!

    Theme Author ruphel



    First remember to change the password.

    I created a new Page and called it ‘Front Page’. I made your ‘Blog’ page the default for your posts.

    I re-coded your header-front.php, footer-front.php and front-page.php in your child theme.

    Now that your front page is static just be mindful when you update menu’s that you’ll have to edit your front page to be similar.

    Hope this helps. 🙂


    If you want to center your content, or anything else just apply an inline style in your child theme’s front-page.php template.

    Thank you for your help with the footer. However, the wrong page is set as the home page though now. Do I just go in and change it in the theme customization?

    And none of my other pages have a menu bar – they’re all blank.

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