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  1. psoderlund
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hello everybody,
    Let me start by saying I'm a total noob at this, now having said that here is my problem: I have uploaded Themes, I can see them in admin and I can change them and even if I view them by pressing the view site from the admin page it will show. Now when i enter my actual site I can see all my content but its all tekst and no theme is active?? Any tips.
    My wp-content folder is under a subfolder of the wwwroot so do I need to edit some specific entry to get it so see my choosen theme?
    When I look at my site locally its http://localhost/wp02/ and all looks nice but entering http://www.soderlund.dk I cannot see the theme ?
    Hope to get some tips.
    Thanks all.

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