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  • Hi everyone,

    Just when I was adding a new page, my entire wordpress site changed themes by itself. I cannot correct this and need immediate help.

    1. I am running WordPress 3.3.1

    2. When I added a new page, I first noticed my templates were not listed in the dropdown option. It was set at only “default”. Then all my pages reverted to the 2011 theme.

    3. I uploaded my custom zip theme. It keeps failing.

    4. My theme is literally uploaded in the FTP, but WordPress doesn’t acknowledge it.

    If you could provide any help, I would greatly appreciate it. The research I find in the forums say to reupload your theme, but the zip is NOT uploading, and now I’m stressed to figure out how to fix this major event as my entire site is now not accurate.

    I greatly value your time and help, thank you.

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    Have you checked whether a plugin is causing this? If not, try disabling plugins.

    I haven’t touched the plugin’s, so I can’t picture this being the issue.

    I just tried that, and it wasn’t it 🙁

    The style.css may be gone or the header damaged, probably because of some server fault or an intrusion. If this happens, the theme is no longer recognized and WordPress will revert to the standard theme.

    If the theme folder is still there, a zip file upload will fail.

    Use FTP to upload all your theme files. Or just rename the theme folder and upload as zip.

    Thank you Knut,

    I tried re-uploading my custom zip with a renamed theme folder. This worked! However, a lot of things are broken. Looks like my widgets are the issues here. Something isn’t connecting right…

    I’m going to try uploading it yet again…

    I had to re-format my widgets, and everything appears to be working as it should. I can’t thank you both enough for your help. I greatly appreciate your time and willingness to help me. It has saved me so much frustration in trying to figure it out with myself alone.

    Thank you!!

    Widgets broke when (unwillingly) changing the theme because you use WordPress 3.3.1. In WordPress 3.4 you do not lose your widgets when switching themes.

    You are strongly encouraged to update, for better functionality and security in general. Urgent security updates comes for the latest version only.

    Hi Knut,

    This is good to know regarding the WordPress versions. Thank you for sharing this info!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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