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  • Hi,

    I am hoping you can help. Last month I changed my blog theme over to Jillij and have had no issues. This morning however I logged in and noticed that the whole template is off to the left. I have not made any changes ( other than mod the comments) but need help ASAP.

    Can anyone help out?

    Thanks you,

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  • forgot to mention here is the blog addy:


    Try setting the body class in the CSS to

    ‘margin: 0 auto;’

    Should fix it.

    thanks Sonny I will try that.


    You need to change your css values for the following:

    #page {
    text-align: left;<——- center
    position: relative;


    You have duplicate #page css declarations. Might want to remove one of those

    has anyone seen a difference? I’ve cleared the cache many times but still no go.

    Read my previous post please.

    am sorry..where do I remove the extra # page css declarations?

    Changing the text alignment under #page will only change the text. Seems that what is happening is that the entire blog is shifted left instead of centered over the background. Since the css has not been changed and the problem only occured today and never before… I would suggest changing the “comments” back to the way it was and see if that helps..


    Anyone try the link and see if this is happening? Site looks fine to me.

    yup still the same. Very frusterating, not to mention looks bad for business.

    Try to get your site back to normal where, it was aligned left, but everything was in order. Then try making a div tag before the highest possible exisiting tag, and then use center tags or css declarations. This should center your blog, while keeping everything else in place.

    Just an update.

    Blog is now fixed. In one of the pages it was margin 20px 20px. It has now been corrected to read margin 0 auto.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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