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  • My new theme (will be released for free) is under construction, and I need any feedback and criticism I can get on it. It has only been tested to work on Firefox and IE 7, so if you have another browser, please report if it works.

    It’s a mixed width layout with an expanding main column, and a fixed width sidebar that splits to two. Three widget ready sidebars power the three sections.

    View it here.

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  • Pretty nice. Personally I wouldn’t use a fluid theme for consistency reasons (I’d want my site to look the same on every computer), but I still like how your theme looks. Especially the sidebar.

    Fluid themes are okay, if you have percentage-based gutter widths between each column and on the sides. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have that.

    Hi, I’m using Opera 9.10 and I suppose it looks okay (haven’t checked extensively but there’s no glaring CSS bug etc).

    Thanks for the comments. As for the margins, I’m still working on it and will probably use something percentage based. Good to know it works on Opera.

    I want fluid width, because I want to see the whole screen used. I need to make sure it’ll work on any resolution and have only tested 1024 and below. Still need to configure it better for higher resolutions.

    Note to AdamF24, if you want your site to look the same on every computer, you might want to test it in different browsers, because yours doesn’t look the same. Furthermore, it is too big horizontally for 800×600 viewing. A lot of people in the world still view websites at that resolution.

    Look nice on my 1680×1050 screen 🙂 Excellent work.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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