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  • Brooke.


    I am also having problems in WP 3.5. Instead of showing the form it is simply showing the shortcode. [theme-my-login-page] or [theme-my-login-form] I had to manually deactivate it to get back into my site.

    change it to: [theme-my-login]

    Thanks jamesckemp for posting the solution. Used phpMyAdmin to change the shortcode and all is back to normal.



    James, that worked for me too.

    Thx @jamesckemp that is working. Great 🙂



    @pe2mc please mark this topic resolved.

    Not resolved. I changed the shortcode and it did absolutely nothing.


    Paulie change on the post of page the code.

    [theme-my-login-page] into [theme-my-login]

    Thats all

    Changing the shortcode from [theme-my-login-page] to [theme-my-login] worked for me as well.

    Yup, solution was found in the above thread – glad it works for everyone

    I don’t have access to the DB to fix this. Is there any way to undo this without getting into the database?

    Open up the page in wp-admin (maybe called Login) and change it in there

    Thanks. This might not be the most direct way to do this but for anyone who got stuck like me, here’s the detailed explanation. I had set this up so long ago that I had forgotten how all the parts worked together so the summary help comments above didn’t provide enough detail for me to immediately figure out how to fix this. This should be enough for anyone who is still trying to work this out.


    1. Go into the wp-content\plugins directory and rename “theme-my-login” directory to a different name. This effectively disables the plugin.

    2. Go to your regular login page. At this point, with “Theme My Login” disabled, you should see the default WP login form.

    3. Once logged in as admin, from your list of pages, find your custom login page and open it. Change the shortcode showing from [theme-my-login-page] into [theme-my-login]. Save the change.

    4. Go back into wp-content\plugins and rename the “theme-my-login” directory back to its original name.

    5. Go to “Plugins” in the Admin section and re-enable the “Theme My Login” plugin.

    6. Log out of the Admin section and go back to your login page. You should now see your “Theme My Login” based login form.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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