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  • After upgrade all settings are gone and login doesn’t work ­čÖü
    I must set and configure everything again.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Any errors?

    Just upgraded to 6.3.3 and the entire Theme My Login plugin has disappeared from my menu and deleted the login page with it. It still shows as “Activated” in the plugins list but it’s no where to be found in my admin area.

    After the upgrade, I am having a redirect loop for /login/ which I can’t figure out.

    no where to be found in my admin area

    You do not have “TML” below “Settings”?

    Same problem like “Marketing Master”.
    Also, Login link in my NavBar isn’t visible to not-logged-in users. When logged in, link appears but with label “Login”.
    Themed profile isn’t working. Got a blank site.
    It looks like that all translation files were deleted.

    After upgrading to 6.3.3. getting 404 error pages for all newly created TML pages.

    Some things is wrong with template pages.
    I have back to prev version.

    Same here, 404 on all template pages on a 3.5.1 installation. I delete theme_my_login options with Options Optimizer i.e. basically re-installed fresh, no help.

    Jeff, my permalink structure is this /%category%/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/. SAVEQUERIES shows that query ends up being

    Query Arguments: category_name=log-in

    I don’t think your “pre_get_posts” filter handles this at all.

    Trying to view the “Your Profile” page at the editor goes to the Login page, and your credentials are still good at, Jeff.

    See my notes above about permalink structure vs TML issues.

    Failing TML request:

    Request: log-in
    Query String: category_name=log-in
    Matched Rewrite Rule: (.+?)/?$
    Matched Rewrite Query: category_name=log-in

    Successful page request:

    Request: subscribe
    Query String: pagename=subscribe
    Matched Rewrite Rule: (.?.+?)(/[0-9]+)?/?$
    Matched Rewrite Query: pagename=subscribe&page=

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    @lkraav: I believe you may have found the problem! 6.3.4 coming shortly.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    6.3.4 has been released. Please upgrade and let me know.

    Problems updating from 6.2.3 (again)
    ?0?) Shows login form even when logged in (intended?!?!??)
    1) enabling themed profiles results in a 404 error when going to the themed profile page
    2) Once themed profiles are enabled (or perhaps changing settings in general, as I did #0 without touching TML settings) all TML pages go blank… again
    3) When it uninstalls, it doesn’t remove the TML pages properly – they redirect back to the main page but are still present (somehow)

    Back to 6.2.3…

    All my permalinks are wrong and I’m receiving page error for al My Theme pages. I have localised WordPress and all permalinks are also localized and showing wrong links (page doesn’t exists).

    Also have same issues like other posters.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 45 total)
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