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  • Hmm, I had the trouble of not being able to log out. I use pretty permalinks, so the login page is The link generated to log out someone was like When clicked all it does is show the user’s profile.

    I’m using WordPress 3.4 and I did check for compatibility issues with other plugins. I’m simply not going to use the plugin because of this. I thought this would be a great plugin otherwise, so I decided to let you know the problem.

    If you fix it I may switch back and try this plugin again.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Funny – because I can log out. So, there’s nothing to fix.

    Please disable all other plugins and use the default theme. Check if it works then.

    Hi Jeff, thanks for your great plugin and support.

    I had to disable the plugin file after the recent updates. My login page was a child page, formerly /home/login/, i made it a top level page and removed everything from the plugin’s permalinks settings and it works now. FWIW, i believe the language on those fields could be clarified. It seems the are meant to contain page “slugs”, not permalinks which include the full domain name in the url. I noted when they contained a permalink my login page in wp_list_pages() linked incorectly to “”

    Hope this helps somebody else! Please let me know if I can help in testing further.


    I have the redirect issue when logging in and logging out. I’ve determined the plugin that conflicts with TML (in my case, anyway) is WP-Require-Login.

    My wordpress is a closed site so anyone who visits is redirected to login first. I think there are other plugins that provide the functionality of requiring a visitor to login before viewing a page, so I will try those as well. In any event, the result of having both TML and WP-Require-Login activated is an infinite redirect loop that continually adds in a ’25’ in the redirect. After a few iterations, it looks something like this:

    Based on the ‘profile_theme’ in the URL, I presume the error lies within TML. Note: I am only using the Theme-My-Profile module of TML.

    A workaround is to inform my visitors that they MUST visit the wp-login.php page directly. Going directly to the login page does not produce the loop. Not sure how to get folks to logout yet. Otherwise, great plugin with lots of powerful functionality. Too bad something isn’t playing well with other plugins.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Yea, TML now has this functionality built-in. Activate the Security module and look within it’s settings.

    Thanks – I found that shortly after posting my comment. Took some playing around with it to get all the configuration correct… changing the permalink for the login to wp-login.php, reworking my menus. Took care of everything. Again – great plugin. Still doesn’t play well with others – but I guess if you’re replacing their functionality it doesn’t have to.
    Do you expect to be down much longer?? Documentation on the plugin would be really helpful.
    Thanks – problem solved (for me).

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Apparently my host was moving my domain to a new SAN. It’s back up.

    Hi Jeff,

    I am trying to use your plugins TML for an article directory and expecting each author be redirected to their custom profile page (not wp profile page) where they have access to their published / submitted articles and submit article (without going to wp admin page which I did not want to give authors). Can you suggest me how to proceed for same and what updations I have to do in php / css etc pages if needed so.

    Thanking you,

    Just updated to latest version and I cant open my site on Chrome. Opens on IE. Gone back to older version!!

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Just updated to the latest version and I can open my site on Chrome.

    I’ll try again, but it suggests a clash. Will keep you posted.
    I have a multisite set up. maybe this is a clue. Previous version runs perfectly though.


    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Just tried on multisite and it works as well. Have you installed/updated any other plugins recently?

    Hello. Version 6.2 is not working for me. When I try to go to the profile page, it goes to the home page instead. I disabled all other plugins and still it didn’t work. I suspect the problem may be with Cimy User Extra Fields but even when I deactivate that plugin, the problem persists. The only feature I’m using is the “Enable Themed Profiles” option, and it works just fine with TML 6.1.4

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    As above, I also seem to have had an issue relating to the use of TML 6.2 with Cimy User Extra Fields so I’m not sure if this might shed any light on a solution based on the comment from ebloss.

    I’ve used these two plugins together for nearly 2 years now without any issues, but I currently get the following message on my front end at the top of profile pages as generated by TML (log in, sign up, profile etc)

    Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘cimy_uef_activate’

    This warning appears to pertain to wp-includes/plugin.php (line 170)

    Despite this warning everything appears to work as it should for me, but I have reverted back to an earlier version of TML simply to stop this warning from showing.

    I just wanted to say thanks to Jeff as I am one of the many users who has no issues with this plugin and appreciate it greatly!

    To ebloss and aproimage: I’m curious to change some simple wording on the User Profile option and we are looking a bit at Extra User fields plugins too so I’ll play with Cimy and see what I get while I’m at it this week and post anything I see that may help you guys, so hopefully Jeff doesn’t have to develop and support solo quite so much 🙂

    Thanks again, Jeff!

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