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  • I’m still seeing issue with the redirect jump.

    If I view source of the redirected blank page, it shows the code perfectly, but still a blank page.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Not sure what you mean…

    Here’s what I’m dealing with in detail:

    • I have a Login page created with shortcode [theme-my-login] This is coneected via Page ID under General tab
    • My login/logout Redirections are setup default.
    • My Security module is checked to Private Site (Require users to be logged in to view site).

    What is happening when I choose Login or Logout on my website is that I’m redirected to the login URL, BUT I get a blank page every-time. I can view the source code on this blank page and see that all the HTML code is present in this page, but the page does not display anything, it’s blank.

    If I hard-refresh on this blank page, the page WILL display.
    I’m using a Mac with Chrome/Safari. It seems the issue is related to these 2 browsers.
    I just tested and Firefox works great.

    I hope this helps.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Just tested (again) in Safari and cannot reproduce your problem. You should try to disable any other plugins and try again. Also, try the default theme.

    You are correct sir.
    Thank you… I will post which conflict it is once I find out.

    AG Custom Admin was the plugin that was in conflict.

    I have a redirect issue as well that stops me from logging out.

    Turn off all your other plugins and test against them (turn on one at a time, test) and find where the conflict resides.

    I’m not sure if this thread shows up in the forum or not. I posted a thread here-

    This plugin worked fine before the upgrade to WP3.4.

    EDIT: I see this thread now, it didn’t show up in the search for me earlier, before I posted my thread referenced above.

    Hello all,

    Same Problem here. Since WordPress 3.4 i´ve got a error 404. Only Solution is to rename Theme My Login-folder and to login via wp-admin. All other Plugins disabled, Theme updated (Colorways free), no solution, same error.

    please give some hints.

    With kind regards

    Edit: Website is

    Hello, since WP 3.4 get_userdatabylogin function is deprecated, and theme-my-login uses it, while the author fix it, you can modify the line 306 of class-theme-my-login.php in the includes folder of the theme.

    Now it is:

    if ( $user = get_userdatabylogin( $user_name ) ) {

    it should be:

    if ( $user = get_user_by( 'login', $user_name ) ) {

    siner, will this fix compatibility issues with TML and other plugins?

    I don’t know, it fix an error in WP 3.4. It is possible that this error cause the issues with the other plugins.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    TML 6.2.1 fixes this notice.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    @thartung: Is your Login page a child page, by any chance?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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