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  • If you want to get rid only of the “uncategorized” category showing up read this thread.

    If instead you need to chop the whole text you need to dive into your php files and delete that part.
    Fastest way is to open up your theme directory with a code editor and look into its php files for ‘filed under’.
    When you’ve found it simply remove that php string.

    Thanks Nobita. There are so many php files though, I was hoping someone might know where that specific text is to delete it?

    Well it depends on the theme, maybe it’s in index.php or loop.php.

    As I haven’t downloaded it I don’t know but still it’s pretty simple if you do have a decent code editor, which is strongly recommended in any case when dealing with code (much better than editing directly from WP editor).

    When you have it fire up a “Find in Files” and there you have it. Let your computer do the dirty work 🙂

    A quick video just to get an idea.

    Ah a code editor! Right, I didn’t know you could use something else other then the edtor WP gives you.

    Thanks for the tip, much simpler 🙂

    Downloaded Sublime, but I think it’s too advanced for me. I have looked on forums etc and I can’t see how I’m meant to get all my info from editor into it. I can’t copy paste each section as that will take forever. Thanks anyway.

    If Sublime is too advanced then it doesn’t mean you have to give up!
    The web is full of of extremely good free software (and WordPress is one of them).
    Here’s a list you might find useful.

    Let’s suppose you’re running Windows you could give Notepad++ a try.
    Then you just need to follow a quick guide like this one, specific for the software you chose.
    if you take a look at that screenshot on the top of that tutorial things should be quite clear:

    1. in the ‘find what’ field tell the program to look for ‘filed under’ the ‘directory’ field select your theme folder (should be called ‘Minimatica’).

    Notepad will look into every php file where that text is to be found, open up those files and highlight the lines you need to edit.
    Delete (or comment) those lines, save every file you’ve edited and test your theme.

    You won’t need any time consuming copy pasting and the operation should take just a moment.
    Hope I’ve convinced you to keep trying.

    Hey, thank you for the info. I downloaded notepad++ and read the tutorial and searched in find files for ‘minimatica’, i’m sorry but this whole thing is beyond me and I just don’t understand how a programme I download is going to find the HTML for my website on the internet.

    WordPress is just impossible to use as you have to change so much to not make it look like a blog, and isn’t easy for the mainstream user. I just want to upload my photos online to a sleek website without hassle 🙁

    I think i’m just going to have to go back to using lightroom and their web uploader, it’s basic but does what it says on the tin. I don’t think i’m going to be able to have a professional looking website unless I pay someone hundreads. WordPress… please create website templates in an unblog style!!!

    Wow this post got really off topic. I don’t know what kind of answer that first one was but it was entirely unnecessary.

    The image you have is a single image/post, meaning you’ll need to open the single.php file

    This theme however does a lot of “get_template_part” so down the rabbit hole we go!

    The single.php file says <?php get_template_part( 'loop', 'single' ); ?> so when we go to loop-single.php it says <?php get_template_part( 'content', get_post_format() ); ?> so then we go to content.php and FINALLY we find the line which reads:
    <li><?php _e( 'Filed under', 'minimatica' ); ?> <?php the_category( ', ' ); ?></li>

    Either delete that or change it to something else


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