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  • Theme Author Daniel Tara


    It’s built-in. If you created a custom menu, all you have to do is add the desired pages as second-level (drag them a bit to the right).

    thanks a lot daniel.
    Problem solved

    hi, i try to create a sub-menu too, but how to you put it on the frontpage as in the review? It seems only shows categories on frontpage though even you create a customer menu. Please help

    Theme Author Daniel Tara


    After creating the menu you need to assign it to the theme location.

    Drag1570, is a very clean and convincing site. The site seems to have no blog. There is a focus on pictures and not conversation. Please share some tips. (1)Is your site all pages? (2)how did you get rid of the reply box from every page? (3)What widget did you use to get make the product page? (4) how did you make the site all pages (assuming that they are all pages)

    thanks in advance …Henry2

    Hey drag1570! I am also curious as to the widget/plugin you used on the product page. i think you did a great job in putting the site together. As a token of good faith in hopes that you will respond, I will tell you that on the “tile collections” slider, there is a typo! collections has 2 “c”‘s. Thanks for the help!


    Actually the typo is in the cabinet collections…



    How did you get the theme to be only one column? I didn’t see that option in the theme options and I want to make two of my pages just one column and the others with my second custom menu.

    Hi Shirley~
    Perhaps I can help. When you say 1 column, do you mean without any widgets on the sides? To get rid of the search bar, just put a text widget into the sidebar section. I usually just put a single space in both the title and the body and then save it. Refresh your site, and BAM! no more search bar.

    Is that what you were wondering?




    Thanks so much Mikey,

    my theme displays the main navigation menu on the bottom and then it was also placing it on the right side so I added a custom menu of the blog posts and through the widgets I put it on the right side. (When I removed everything that was in the right column, it still displayed the main navigation menu) I really only want the blog posts menu on the blog page and not the rest of the pages. here is the site so you can see what I’m talking about.

    I use a cool plugin called Widget Context. It allows you to decide exactly which pages have which widgets. That would allow you to have nothing on most of the pages, and then your menu on your blog page only.

    Cute girl!


    Couple other things I noticed:

    1. You might want to use another plugin I like called jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries. It will make all you galleries show up using the light box instead of gong to the browser viewer.

    2. Your main logo/title is not linked to your home page??



    These are all things I need to know! Thanks so much. PLease tell me anything else you see that need to be fixed. I also have another problem you might be able to help me with. My admin dashboard/bar does not show up when I’m viewing on the web. It did at first but now it doesn’t. I read on here that I need to make sure the footer has a line in it and mine does have that particular line of text, but it still doesn’t work.

    That is my daughter. She’s a sweetheart. and a very good actress/singer/dancer. 🙂

    I’m sooo not good at this! I just want to create more menus instead of just home and photography. my site is Thanks!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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