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    Hi, I am Stephanie and brand new to websites, WordPress and this forum.
    My website is
    I use as a server.

    I did not do the initial WordPress install in Jan. 2012.
    This week, I took over and updated to the latest version of WordPress 3.3.2, following all instructions, including uninstalling plugins first.
    I backed up the old theme. I installed a new wordpress theme, MANTRA 1.8.8.
    All of my plug-ins are up to date and working.
    I have no error messages at this time, that I have seen.

    Google was not indexing my Header graphic image yesterday. I found the MANTRA setting of “HIDE” to hide the ‘title & description’ in the ‘General’ section of the settings on the Dashboard.
    I had previously not entered them so they would not show on top of my header image.
    I believe this will correct that issue today once Google tries to index again.

    My main concern right now in design, is getting seperate pages to look and behave differently. My page options on the admin section of NEW PAGE are limited to: Mantra theme (Default template(set up in Mantra settings), One column~no sidebar, page-blog,
    page-with-intro-‘I am not sure what this page does as I have not seen any intro space/box’)

    I would like to keep my blog page(which is HOME right now) with sidebar and have the ability to do another page,
    such as a recipe post page that does not contain the sidebar, but allows multiple posts.
    The one-column-no sidebar page allows only ONE post.
    The other option that might work for a recipe page is being able to have at least 2 columns or a table that would allow me to set up downloadable recipe links.
    I do not wish to set up a 2 column page as default because then my blog page will also have 2 columns.

    My Links page is a one column page and
    I am having the same design issue there.
    I want to be able to section off different sets of links by Categories. I was unable to simply tab out further and do a second underlined heading without the underline extending across the blank space. (sort of faking columns) Adding/formatting an image header for each link column would help as well.

    I saw on the description of the Mantra theme, many options like tables and columns but I do not know how to implement them on individual pages. The kitchen sink tab above post entry boxes does not show that type of formatting.

    Mantra theme does offer the option of a presentation page(which could act as a gallery, not yet sure if it must remain the index page) but I am looking at free gallery plug in options right now.
    *(If I choose a free Gallery plugin for WP and install it, does that
    auto-install any script into template pages I would need or do I need to research what that plugin requires and install to the template pages in the editor first before installing the gallery plugin?
    **Also, I am only currently able to install plugins in my sidebar.
    How would I install that plugin(gallery) to a PAGE, such as a one column page?

    I have formatted date/time for posts in Settings.
    *Date and time do not appear for blog posts either on main blog page or single blog page.
    I can only see the date created on my admin page for posts.

    I hope this all falls under the same basic design issues. I did read the forum info. and FAQ.
    If I have made this too complicated in one post, please let me know. I appreciate any help.
    Also, I know very little technical terminology or any coding and have a learning disability. So, I did my best to use wording similar to the forum information.
    Thank you.

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  • one idea: You can get more editing option buttons with the plugin Ultimate TinyMCE, it has tables and lots of other things if you don’t know how to code them yourself. I use Mantra and really like it.

    Thank you for your reply. I have tried to do a lot of things on my own since writing this request for help. I am still very much a beginner though. I do not know how to code tables and such so the plug-in you mention sounds very good to me.
    I am waiting on an issue response from my website host and then I will begin the latest upgrades for WordPress and Mantra.
    I can’t wait to try it out.

    I did manage to get a gallery page up, even though it is not as attractive as I’d like, I’m at least moving forward on my learning curve.

    The only unresolved issue I am concerned with at the moment are the fact the date/time do not show up on the published post. I can see them on the back end but that is all.

    RodeoBucket-In Mantra Settings, Post Information Settings, make sure the choice for “All Post Meta” is set to “show.” Then you can select to hide/show individual elements like date, author, etc.

    I’m trying to get a page-with-intro to work. Any ideas? Do I have to edit the page-with-intro.php file?

    A gallery page is my next project!

    I will be sure to check my settings. It has been bothering me that no one can see the dates. I’m not sure what the updated Mantra page posts look like yet because I haven’t gotten to the update yet today, but I don’t like that you can not see if other people have commented, unless you click on the post title and get to where comments actually are.
    I haven’t tried the page-with-intro yet. I believe you are speaking of the page where you can set up photographs and have them behave in different ways. And this page works as your HOME or intro page, instead of a blog post page. Is that right?
    I don’t edit any files. I bought a WordPress book that I have not been able to read yet. But the one thing it did say was to not alter theme pages themselves, instead always create CHILD THEMES. I don’t know how to do that yet.
    I installed a plug-in that I read was recommend for galleries called, “Cleaner Gallery. It says, This plugin replaces the default gallery feature with a valid XHTML solution and offers support for multiple Lightbox-type image scripts. I actually have Lightroom, instead of Lightbox but I haven’t tried adding one of those galleries yet.
    And I have under BWS plugins (not even sure where that came from) a gallery link that gives options for setting up. I literally got my gallery set up after nearly 12 hours of trying tons of stuff. I would have to try to remember the steps all over again for my next gallery. I know I had to create a page first that was called, Gallery.
    I would be interested to know how that turns out for you. Feel free to mail me at my email address on my website about it.
    Again, thanks for the tip, I would probably have not even known about those settings.

    Thanks for the reply. Nope, the Presentation Page is the front page that you talked about. I like that and it works well for me. There is a template choice under pages for “page with intro” (searching for help on that is how I found your first post here). I was reading about child themes today, they don’t sound too difficult.

    The Mantra Settings under Appearance on the dashboard has oodles of customization settings-check it out!

    Thank you for the suggestions and help jtlepage.

    Hi. Sorry to jump in but have either of you had problems with the latest mantra upgrade. It ruined my homepage which was the presentation page. None of the slide features or column features work and no one from Cryout Creations will respond to inquiries. Any help?

    Best regards,

    Hi Jo,
    I created a back up of my website before I upgraded to the new Mantra. I was having problems with my individual posts. I had a great plug-in called, TinyMCE. But, then I noticed it needed an update. So, I updated the plug-in. That did not fix the post formatting problem for me. So, sadly, I deactivated the plug-in. Then, I saw my presentation page acting crazy. The images all distorted. Next, an update for Mantra popped up. (this is all happening one after the other). So… that is when I made the complete back up of my website. I then upgraded to the new Mantra theme. I am not having any presentation page issues that I am aware of now.
    However, I was using a different, unnecessarily complicated system for my galleries and now they do not show. I deactivated that plug-in just now and I am going to recreate my galleries without it just using the Mantra post pages set to Gallery and setting those gallery pages under (indented) my main Gallery page on my custom menu of PAGES (on the menus page). I am working on this part now.
    I am not sure what plug-ins you are using, maybe one or some of them are not working well with the new Mantra?
    Did this help any?

    I’m VERY SORRY I ever posted here for help. Only one person EVER reached out after months.
    All I get is a lot of people going over all my photographs and DOWNLOADING THEM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION when I expressly ask that you RESPECT my copyright.
    Why are you doing this when you are supposed to be in these forums to help people and not STEAL their property?
    I would love to be able to delete my forum post all together but that is not possible, nor is it possible to notify anyone here by email of the situation.
    Please people, stop stealing my images.
    Thank you!

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