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  • I have never modified the style sheet over the past 2 months since I’ve downloaded this theme. When I look in all of my downloaded file folders from wordpress, I do not see mantra. Could the reason be that I downloaded mantra from another computer (not the same computer that my WP folders are on)? It is possible, and that is the only reason I can think of as to why the mantra theme is no in my word press files.

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    Are you looking at the files on the server? That’s where your website is. On the server.

    Yes, I go to the CSS style sheet from the Dashboard and when I click edit, it says file missing. I thought if it were on the server, it definitely wouldn’t be missing. I have never modified the style sheet, my website is still using the template theme changes I’ve made through the menu and setting options. In other posts I’ve looked in for this problem, they say that to look for or unzip the downloaded file. I don’t see a downloaded file in my computer for this theme.

    Can you post a link to your site? What do you mean “downloaded files from WordPress”? Are you trying to use a local install of WP?

    here is the link to my website href=”
    By downloaded files from wordpress, I thought, (from reading other forums) that everyone has WP files downloaded on their computer with all of the files from WP in it. I thought those files were only for back up purposes, but on the other forum, “they” said (in answer to someone elses question) that the stylesheet was missing because the theme files were in the wrong folder or had not been unzipped. So I checked my downloaded wp folders and did not see the mantra theme files. This is why I asked the question here.

    This is the conversation that I read that made me check my downloaded WP files.

    Perhaps this doesn’t apply to me?

    Sorry, I’m kind of confused about what you’re asking – are you asking about something on your local computer but not your site itself? Are you trying to backup your site? Where from and how did you download these files from? Can you link to the thread you are referring to?

    The above thread is about installing a NEW theme on a site – that does not sound like what you are doing.

    No problem, I am probably confused. I am looking for my theme style sheet so that I can make some changes to the header. When I went to my dashboard and clicked edit and style sheet, I got an error code that it was missing. When I searched on WP forums ‘My theme css stylesheet is missing’ I read advice to look for the file in in a folder (i guess from the computer). So I tried to look for the backed up version on my computer to upload it, but it is not there.

    It’s definitely there on your site – I can see it – if it was missing your site would have NO styles at all 🙂

    You really should not be modifying that file (or any other theme file) as your changes will be overwritten and erased when the theme is updated. Instead you need to use a Child Theme or custom CSS.

    But this is still an odd error message – when you go to Appearances > Editor – do you have a list of files on the right side of the screen?

    The support for the Mantra theme is awful, and when I went to the creators website (cryoutcreations), there was not much support for the question I had. However, on their FAQ the creators recommended that users do not make changes to the css style sheet directly on it, but via a plug in. This made me look harder on the server and locally for the mantra theme and I cannot find it anywhere. It must exist because my website is till using it.
    I considered deleting the theme and using another, but I’ve made so many uploads with this theme and it took me so long to learn to format my site with this theme, I don’t want to start over.

    When I go to appearances >Editor I get a red message that says Oops, no such file exists! Double check the name and try again, merci.


    There really isn’t a problem with your site – the theme IS there. Are you using FTP to look at the files? The theme is in wp-content > themes > mantra (there will be other themes there too – at least the default theme)

    Yes, they are totally right – so all you need to do is add a plugin for CSS – JetPack is a good option (a bit more involved to set up – or maybe you are using it already for other things? It does add some cool features.) or this one:

    You can add one of those under plugins.

    EDIT – posted this before your last post.

    Thanks! It’s good to know that the style sheet is somewhere. So I really don’t need to use this file to modify changes on my website? I guess I’m okay then. I was just worried that any changes I made to the custom css would not find the main theme css style sheet and my changes would be lost. I think I won’t delete the theme.

    I’m still puzzled as to why that’s happening? Is this on your live site when you are logged in as admin? Do you have any other problems with posting or editing or ?? What if you click on one of the other files on the right side in that Editor screen.

    Can you post a screenshot of that screen/error message?

    Custom CSS doesn’t really “find” anything – it just overrides the existing CSS. Custom CSS allows you to make changes WITHOUT changing the existing style.css file.

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