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  1. krissili
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello to you!
    One of my wp-projects shell get a poor only page-site, without comments, rss, etc. The layout shell have this simple structure:

    Description of project-structure:
    two columns contain:
    * #navmenue_left (column 1, left), it’s the only menue of this site,
    * #content (column 2, right),
    * #header:
    - div left: #header_logo as a linked image,
    - div right: #title h1 a : blogname of corporation (100 letters) in two rows,
    - without additional widgets like menue, login etc.
    * #footer:
    - one div contains one row with date and copyright, without additional widgets.

    Goal and Considerations:
    Unfortunately the blogname contains 12 words with 100 letters. So linked blogname needs two rows. An extra blog-description is not intended.

    I want to break the first row after the 7th word, using #title h1 a in two rows= two parts of blogname-link:
    1. row: #title h1 a, contains seven words, breaking after seventh word of blogname,
    2. row: #title h2 a, contains five words.
    I mean, whole #description is not nessessary, I would like to renounce using it, because goal is also slender code. But I'm not shure to do so.

    What do you mean? Please help me. Thanks!

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